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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Dejan, May 16, 2006.

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  1. Dejan

    Dejan Guest

    Hi, is there some kind of batteries that cann be shaped like clay. I nead 48
    v/10 Ah bateries, specific shape. Something like triangle (30 cm * 30 * 30
    cm - cca), 3 cm deap.
    Any ideas?
    tnx in advance
  2. CWatters

    CWatters Guest

    Work out the energy density you need first to see if it's possible with
    todays technology. If that's ok...

    Try stacking NiMH cells on end. Hope this asci art works..


    NiMH cells are also flat and can be stacked. They can also be wired in
    parallel series combinations unlike NiMH.
  3. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    45 circles can make a triangle with 9 on each side

    if ypu can get some NIMH cells done in 3.33cm diameter 3cm long cylinders
    40 of them would be 48V and fill your space fairly well.

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