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Batteries question

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Ioannis Vranos, Sep 30, 2004.

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  1. Hi fellows, one somehow unusual question.

    I was using some AAA 1.5V batteries for usual stuff (remote controls
    etc) and recently decided to move to rechargeable batteries.

    So I purchased 4x AAA Sanyo HR-4U batteries which turned to be of 1.2V.
    I have not much micro-electronic background so I wonder, does this make
    any difference?

    Are there any 1.5V rechargeable AAAs or is this the usual for such
  2. Rechargaeble batteries are usualy NiMHs these days. These and the older
    NiCads are 1.2V. But they keep that voltage pretty long. The voltage of
    normal batteries falls almost constantly during their usefull lifetime. So
    that normal batteries are around 1.2V for a significant part of their
    lifetime. Nevertheless, some manufacturers warn *not* to use rechargables in
    their equipment. Keep also in mind that primary batteries last longer then
    rechargeables on one charge. Especially in very low power applications -
    clocks for instance - the self discharge of rechargeables is often more then
    the load.

    petrus bitbyter
  3. Julie

    Julie Guest

    This is normal.

    Note that rechargeable cells self-deplete over time, figure 10-20% per month or
    so. This means that they are *not* a good choice for low-drain/occasional use
    items like remote controls, unless you plan on recharging monthly.
  4. I think even for low-drain applications rechargeables still save money ... AC
    power is way too cheap.
  5. Julie

    Julie Guest

    Most definitely they save money -- no question there -- but, do they save
    time/effort? In low-drain situations, no -- so it comes down to a cost/benefit

  6. Actually my main purpose was my MP3 player/Radio which was "burning" 1
    AAA in about 12 hours of operation. :)

    Also a nice FAQ provided in another newsgroup for the same matter:

    And one that I found myself:
  7. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    OTH, the Rayovac Renewal / Rechargeable Alkalines are super for low
    drain / occasional use.
    In that mode, their lifetime is in the years.
  8. I think they even save money on lowdrain devices since AC power is so cheap.
  9. Aplin17

    Aplin17 Guest

    I think non-rechargeable alkaline batteries can be recharged a few times if
    used in very low drain devices
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