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Batteries for school project

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Dec 22, 2004.

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  1. Guest

    Hello, I have a question about batteries and thought someone here could
    help me. I have a school project that requires the use of batteries and
    have a choice between alkaline or heavy duty. I've read that alkaline
    batteries are supposed to be much better and last longer as well as
    operate better in cold temperatures (the project will be outside in the
    cold). Heavy Duty batteries are no where near as good as alkalines are
  2. Guest

    they deffinatlyarent.Alkaline batteries last longer than heavy
    duty,they also have better power If you would use them in a flashlight
    it would be brighter than if you used heavy duty batteries.So i would
    say alkalines are 10 times better than heavy duty.
  3. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    You should maybe look at lithium batteries if that's possible (not sure if
    the choice has been made for you or not), as IIRC the temperature
    performance of these batteries is better and you can get more grunt per
    cubic inch. If the choice really is between those two types, then it will
    depend on how much current you need to supply, but I'd be betting that
    Duracells or equivalents will go better at the lower temp's. But again, how
    low is 'low'?

  4. Ducky_Doug

    Ducky_Doug Guest

    Howdy, One of the jr highschools every year come into my RS store and buy
    different types & sizes of batteries. They perform load test, duration
    test and cold tests. They have found that HD batteries are best buy in $
    per amphr. But are not much good below -10 deg C. Alakalines last about
    2-3 X longer depending on the brand and lose about 50% life at -30 deg C.
    Lithiums last about 8-12 X longer then HD's and lose about 10% life at -30
    deg C. They found the load factor affect the life and usability of the
    battery at low temperatures. Insulating the battery has a big affect on
    the performance at low tempatures, expecially at higher loads.
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