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basic question on analog/digital shift

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by 3rdshiftcoder, Jul 12, 2005.

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  1. hi-

    i just read an article,1412,68091-2,00.html?

    that states if you have an over the air
    antenna AND (are connected to either satellite or cable) or
    (have a digital convertor) you will
    not be affected by the shift from analog to digital.

    i understand if you have a hdtv and a digital
    signal comes to your tv the tv scales from its native
    resolution to display the signal being transmitted from
    the source. so if you had a digital cable package and
    and a hdtv with 1080i or 720p your set would scale down to
    (i think it is 480p) if you were getting the digital channels
    and you weren't subscribed to an hdtv premium package.

    i suspect the antenna will receive digital and relay it to
    the convertor which will turn it to analog for an old tv set.

    where i really get lost is if you have the antenna and the signal
    incoming is digital how can your tv just by being hooked up to
    cable or satellite allow you to view the over the air signal?

    thanks very much,

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