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Barcode scanner

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by BF, Oct 4, 2003.

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  1. BF

    BF Guest

    Can somebody help me with my question about a sensor?
    Does somebody know the working of a barcode scanner?
    About the laser technique and the decoding.

    I would like to know something about.

  2. Ben Pope

    Ben Pope Guest

    I've done the decoding...

    I've used light pen connected to a microcontroller and written software in c
    that decodes the line widths into numbers. It had some form of dynamic
    recalibration for speed changes. That was in my first year of undergraduate
    study at university. I had about 8 hours to do it, if I recall. (the
    hardware was set up, but I had to write the software from scratch - I think
    we were working in pairs, too)

    I guess it depends on what kit you are using and what exactly you want to

    You should be able to find the specs for barcodes floating about. Sensors
    range froma light pen to kit that can scan at high speed, in any
    orientation, at a distance of up to at least 0.5m and outputs the barcode

    So you can do it all by hand or buy the kit that does it all for you.

  3. Dave VanHorn

    Dave VanHorn Guest has most of the symbology specs, and lots of good
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