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Bank of Batteries ?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Harry, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. You missed the comma after "agree", dipshit.

  2. It was a cell, not a battery.

  3. If you actually think that we are not all assholes, then it is you that
    is truly stupid and naive.
  4. Maturity ranking one to ten... you rank less than a one, boy.

  5. Sorry to break your immature bubble, little boy, but the subject under
    discussion was quite technical, as the context in which it was presented
    clearly stated.
    Complete immaturity noted. Nice job, adolescent twit.

    You prove that numerical age does not an adult make.
    Don't even think that I refer to anyone other than you.
    You might have noticed that the traditional meaning of the word 100%
    proves my position on the subject.
    **** off, you little 13 year old level mental midget.
    Keep you profane self indulgences to yourself, dipshit.
    If you ever presented your "hard part", I would Bobbetize your retarded
    ass in a heartbeat.
  6. Dumbfuck. Do you even have any clue as to what Usenet is about? If
    the post was across multiple groups, the subject is as well. Also, the OP
    presented it as such.

    Get a clue, dingledorf.
  7. Proof that you yet another petty Usenet twit.

    Do you also wear your pants down past your asscrack like the dipshit in
    school these days do?

  8. Like I give a fat flying **** that some dumbfuck plonktard wants to
    filter his access to the world.

    Sorry, but your "reason" is as immature and retarded as you are.
  9. If you were not asking a complete mental midget, you might actually get
    an intelligent response from the dipshit.
  10. Good one. However, the phrase should have been "a fresh battery", OR
    "fresh cells".

    It is absolutely a plurality issue, and I cannot believe for an instant
    that you quick to pounce chumps are so tunnel visioned by the Usenet
    horse blinders you have donned to see it. You prove that Usenet
    epitomizes the social "clic" mentality.

    Pretty sad, actually.
  11. HVS

    HVS Guest

    Oh goody, I never get the chance to do this in aue:


    And doesn't that feel good!

    (Alas, he/she/it's rapidly becoming an uninterestingly -- nay,
    boringly -- cross poster, doncha' think?)
  12. HVS

    HVS Guest

    On 25 Jul 2007, Oleg Lego wrote

    One of the strangest things is the way this poster responds to each
    point that Peter makes by creating an entirely separate message.

    I guess he hasn't realised that one can respond to more than one
    thing at a time -- or finds it all too frighteningly complex. (Or
    thinks Peter will read and respond to each one....nah, even "Multi-
    tasking R'nt Us" wouldn't be that deluded.)
  13. HVS

    HVS Guest

    On 25 Jul 2007, Oleg Lego wrote
    Yes, probably, and also he seems to oh, look: a bird just landed on
    the window ledge.

    Umm...where was I?

  14. **** you. I do not have to utilize your lame paradigm for post

    You got a problem? Piss off.
  15. Yet another E-1 grade retarded assessment from a total twit that should
    not even be making such assessments about others.

    Straighten out your own house, dipshit.
    More utter stupidity.
    You are about as mature as a freshly laid turd.

  16. No, dipshit.... A read of a segment of some lame twit's baby bullshit,
    and a response to that baby bullshit.

    If I can engineer a product and author several hundred pages of
    specifications for it, I can handle some dipshit's Usenet blather.

  17. Well, have a look at this most recent NASA Tech Briefs, and examine the
    article about CELL types, and when they become BATTERIES of cells.

    BTW, "Battery shops" back then were primarily for the lead acid
    batteries of the time, and they were multiple celled devices. Their
    servicing and recharging or various other CELLS of the day, and the name
    of their shop were not related.

    Care to try again.
  18. This from someone who apparently doesn't know how to trim his posts.
  19. [snip - because apparently you don't know how to do that]
    Proof that you are yet another illiterate Usenet twit.
    One dipshit, two dipshits.

    You're really not very clever, are you.
  20. tony cooper

    tony cooper Guest

    Oh, no! Now you've done it. They aren't posts. They're anodes.
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