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Balun - Lumped Component

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by sthim, Aug 22, 2003.

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  1. sthim

    sthim Guest

    I had posted some questions on baluns earlier. Thank you very much
    for all then information. I should have been more specific. I have
    done some more reading, and the baluns I'm talking uses lumped
    components - the Lumped-constant 180 degrees splitter. I found it on
    the IEEE site in a paper by Tetsuo Hirota and Masahiro Muraguchi. I
    was wondering how the signals get split by 180 degrees, equations etc.

  2. Mantra

    Mantra Guest

    Transformers are the easiest way to get 180 splits. But you can't
    always use a transformer. Generally 180 splitting is only occurring
    over a range of frequencies with lumped components. At a single freq
    a single lumped capacitor or inductor can give you 90 degrees of shift
    between voltage and current. Together you can create 180, but only at
    one frequency aka a resonance. Expanding the number and spacing
    resonant frequencies gives a broaden response and range of *nearly*
    180 splitting. A perfectly distributed (non-lumped) implementation
    can give the best implementation because you can create
    transformer-like circuit without strictly using a transformer as they
    are familiarly known - the limit is that there is a (low end) cut-off

    You'd need to look at the particular paper (most likely it focuses on
    economizing lumped component counts, which in quantity look
    distributed, against bandwidth of splitting given a desired error
    level with (fanatically) not using a wire-wound transformer), or look
    into filter design techniques, especially all-pass filters and
    impedance design. Since a balun is about matching impedances, and
    filters have input and output impedances, then one way to think of
    impedance matching circuits is as filter design problem. There isn't
    a simple or single equation for filter design but if you look at
    filter design you'll find the answer.

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