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Baird Atomic SCR Test Set ... huh?

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by [email protected], Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    I've just acquired a ton of older, quality (Fluke, HP, Tektronix,
    Ballantine, etc) test equipment, some of which I will be selling (let
    me know if you need anything. No list yet. Prices will be reasonable
    but not give-a-way).

    One piece is a big question mark for me, however: a Baird Atomic SCR
    Test Set.

    This device is about 18"W by 24" high and must weigh 120 pounds. A
    prior owner built a plug-in jig that accepts small socketed IC's
    (SCR's?), yet there are also two recessed femail connectors that are
    huge - designed to carry very high voltage, or more likely very high
    current ... almost like you'd plug welding leads there. This seems
    like an odd combination!

    Does anyone know 1) what this is, 2) what it was used for, 3) how it
    might be repurposed (maybe I can use it for something other than
    testing SCR's), 4) where I can secure a manual, 5) what is it worth,
    and 6) someone who might want to purchase it if it's just good for
    testing SCR's?

    I'm in a suburb of Detroit. Pickup only.

    I will post photos on my website in a few days!

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Jon Elson

    Jon Elson Guest

    Most likely, it is exactly what it says - a machine for testing
    SCRs. When SCRs first appeared in the mid-1960's (IIRC) there
    was a big move to retrofit massive power supplies for plating,
    magnets for particle accelerators, etc. from thyratrons to SCRs.
    And, the people doing the retrofitting needed to make sure the
    SCRs performed up to spec. With the Baird Atomic brand, I would
    suspect these went to the particle accelerator folks. I think
    they may have made big magnet power supplies, too. Here's some
    historical info on the company,
    Seems to indicate your unit was made before 1978, I really doubt
    Thermo Electron is going to have any info on it, but it is worth
    a call.

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