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Backlighting an LCD with EL

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Sep 15, 2006.

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    Let me start by saying I'm sorry for posting something about gear
    modification in "design", but this is mainly about electrical

    I'm trying to install an electroluminescent panel (link1) behind the
    LCD in my TR-707 drum machine (pic1,pic2). I have tried other EL panels
    with the same results.

    I can get the panel in there and power it with an inverter (link2) with
    no problem (pic3).

    However, the mere presence of the EL seems to be interfering with the
    LCD, even with the inverter removed, and causing it to be extremely dim

    Using a plastic insulator, I have ruled out accidental shorting of the
    EL leads to both the LCD (pic5), although the glass on the reverse side
    should be preventing that anyway, as well as the LCD controller board
    behind it (pic6). I have also ruled out the possibility that the EL is
    not as reflective as the reflector that originally came in the unit
    (pic7), because the LCD still runs at full brightness with /nothing/
    between it and the controller board.

    If anyone with knowledge of the nature of electroluminescent panels
    could offer some insight, that'd be great. I know that EL is
    essentially a capacitor, and I was considering the possibility that the
    capacitance was coupling the LCD to the controller board, causing
    parasitic power loss; then again, that sounds kinda silly to me. :p

    Be glad to answer any questions or offer other photos to anyone with
    ideas as to what might be the problem.

    Thanks for reading!




    (link2): 5727.htm





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