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B&G Wind direction totally wrong

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Albe V°, Sep 5, 2005.

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  1. Albe V°

    Albe V° Guest

    Hi all.

    On my First 36.7 boat, I have a B&G H1000 network.

    Wind direction is measured by the mast-head arrow, and sent to the
    H1000 network via the yellow "Wind Interface".

    Now, I notice that wind direction is always between 52 and 57 degrees
    rightside, even if wind direction si completely different.

    I first thought about offset, but this could disturb the displayed
    absolute value, not its variation during boat and wind rotation. A full
    rotation must display 360° rotation on the display (both digital and
    analog display suffer same disturb).

    Anyway, offset is now at 0°. and Damping (what is this???) is at 4
    (middle of range 0-9).

    I doublechecked each plug, and everything seems ok. Consider that wind
    speed (measured by the same masthead assembly and A/D converted by the
    same yellow wind interface by B&G) is approximately correct.

    I climbed on the mast, and the assembly seem ok, at least, it shows no
    damage nor wear.

    What can I check?
    Does anybody know a 'troubleshooting guide' for this kind of problems?
    Or, at least, is anyone able to explain me how the information measured
    by masthead sensor is transmitted and received by the wind interface?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Philip

    Philip Guest

    Post here and see
    what answer you get.You will have to register - free - first.

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