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Awesome speakers!!

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Archon, Jan 20, 2011.

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  1. Archon

    Archon Guest

  2. Lab1

    Lab1 Guest

    3/0 copper is the only wire you will find that can handle 200 amps, and
    it's about 1/2 inch in diameter.

    I think you mean 200 watts.
  3. Oh, that site is an absolute gem. To wit:

    "To provide you this we put a bi-wiring gold-plated back panel with
    jumper bar connectors who can be removes."

    "ULR was founded in 1986 and have been involve with industrial
    vibrations and acoustic control equipment ..."

    "We use our special multi frequency liztwire. We do our own wires. They
    are impossible to find in anyplace. Those wires are important because
    they conduct more efficiently the current to your drivers. The electrons
    (the negative electric particle of an atom) in the current do not
    propagate the same way when they are induce by different frequency. More
    the frequency is high, more those electrons stay on the surface of the
    conductors. It’s call a liztwire effect or skin effect. We can’t explain
    all here because we would need many pages but this subject is well
    documented in physics."

    (Well, obviously English is not their first language. But some of the
    howlers here transcend any language barriers!)

    Comment on quaint Usenet customs, from Usenet:

    To me, the *plonk...* reminds me of the old man at the public hearing
    who stands to make his point, then removes his hearing aid as a sign
    that he is not going to hear any rebuttals.
  4. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    No you need full 200 amp capacity wiring for the peak demands for the odd
    picosecond during use, for the best transcription
  5. Though I know you're kidding, I sincerely hope you're kidding about buying

    For what the speaker costs, and the profit they make on it, they could
    easily pay a native-English-speaking copywriter to create effective
    advertising. That they don't, shows they don't care what kind of image they
    present. I would not normally buy products from such a company.

    I loved the line about the effectiveness of biwiring in controlling back-EMF
    had been proved by lenz [sic]! (Lenz has been dead for some years.) In fact,
    biwiring should have no effect on the back-EMF "seen" by the amplfier.

    "But remember what it does when you block a bicycle pump at one side and you
    lower the handle. It gets more difficult to compress air. Well all other
    speakers have that problem!"

    No, they don't. Planar dipoles don't.

    If Tesla were alive, he'd probably sue for having his name attached to this

    I wish JGH were still alive, so I could call him and we could read the ad
    together, and laugh our heads off.

    If you have US$13K to spend on a speaker, you can buy something much
  6. Archon

    Archon Guest

    I don't have a spare $13K to spend on anything, let alone wasting it on
    some hyped up bogus speaker, yes, William I was kidding ;-)
  7. Archon

    Archon Guest

    I was actually looking for some good speakers when I came across the ad,
    but seriously though, the whole audio sector is so overhyped, I know a
    couple of guys developing speakers, and the way they go on, its more
    magic than physics. I'd like to see a pro review of those speakers, they
    may well sound great, but so far I've not found anything. The Quads look
    good but again way out of my price range.
  8. I was actually looking for some good speakers when I came across
    Not in the case of electrostatic or "orthodynamic" speakers. When properly
    executed, such drivers are superior to cone drivers.

    Given that they use SEAS drivers, they're probably very good. But there are
    better speakers for the same or less money.

    I see nothing wrong with a "serious" listener spending $15K for a pair of
    speakers -- that's what you spend on a car these days. But most people don't
    see it that way.

    If $15K is outside your budget, listen to the less-expensive Martin-Logan
    hybrid electrostatics. They're not "cheap", but you're getting a really fine
    speaker at a "reasonable" price.

    If you don't want 'stats, listen to B&W. They're among the few "neutral"
    dynamic speakers that don't sound insipid. If I didn't own planar speakers,
    I would own B&Ws. (At one time, I did.)
  9. Archon

    Archon Guest

    The Martin-Logans look nice, I'll check them out, thx
  10. Alternatively, take a look at some of the kitted "assemble it
    One of the advantages of such kits is that you can build a rigid, tightly
    braced, really /dead/ enclosure, which is never found in modestly priced
    "box" speakers. You can also experiment with such things as painting the
    cabinet with Nextel.

    There used to be a joke that /everybody else/ knew more about using KEF's
    drivers than KEF did. This was generally true.
  11. JW

    JW Guest

    I've always wondered (and dreamed) of a speaker cabinet made of granite or
    soapstone. With the right drivers, I'll bet they'd sound great.
  12. I seem to remember Popular Electronics (I think) having
    an article where you made the cabinets out of a section
    of flue liner.

  13. And then I found this...
    My memory served me well. He used 9"x13"x24" chimney flue tile, and cut
    it in two, by making an angled cut, using a masonry blade attached to a
    skil saw.

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    the other other one.
  14. Chuck

    Chuck Guest

    You might want to look at the higher end Paradigm speakers. Some of
    their under $2k speakers sounded better than a $20k speaker we used to
    sell at an upscale audio salon. Chuck
  15. Smitty Two

    Smitty Two Guest

    Best speakers I've heard were some prototype electrostatics built by a
    friend in the hi-fi biz. Was hoping he'd go into production on them, but
    failing that, anyone here have electrostatics that they'd recommend?
  16. Best speakers I've heard were prototype electrostatics built by a
    I already recommended Martin-Logan's less-expensive electrostatics.
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