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AVO b183 LCR Meter

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by ALPI, Jan 15, 2006.

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  1. ALPI

    ALPI Guest

    Need user manual for subject or the meaning of the Lo G en Hi inputs
  2. JM

    JM Guest

    I would presume that Lo and Hi are the test terminals that you connect the
    unknown inductor, resistor or capacitor to. "G" would be ground for any
    shielding that may be part of the unknown device or to ground clamps or
    whatever that might form part of a fixture that would plug into the three

    As an example, a fixture could be made to clamp down surface mount parts,
    ground would be applied to the hold down clamp.

  3. water man

    water man Guest

    The guard terminal 'G' has the same potential during measuring as th
    Lo terminal, and is used as a screen. It is for use with screene
    test leads (not those that are supplied as standard) On high valu
    inductors and low value capacitors , where capacitance between lead
    can cause errors, screened leads can be used with the screen
    connected to the guard circuit. It is also recommended that lo
    capacitance cable is used

    For all other measurements with the two leads supplied, connect th
    black test lead to the 'Lo' socket and the red test lead to the 'Hi'
  4. ALPI

    ALPI Guest

    Il se trouve que water man a formulé :
    Thank you very much :D
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