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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Sep 2, 2003.

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    Hey everyone, I've been looking at a lot of digital cameras and
    camcorders lately, and I noticed that some record video in AVI format,
    and some in MPEG format. And I was wondering what is the difference
    between these two formats?

  2. You can't directly compare the two without more information. The Audio
    Video Interleaved (AVI) standard defines a file structure which can contain
    encoded video and encoded audio (among other features). In other words, you
    can store MPEG streams in a AVI file (witness DivX, an MPEG4 variant stored
    in AVI files). Similarly, AVI files can contain MPEG1 Layer 3 audio, or
    Windows Media Audio, or raw Pulse Code Modulation, or whatever. I don't
    know if MPEG files can contain non-MPEG streams, but I don't recall ever
    knowingly comming across such a file.

    If you ask me without giving more information, I would choose AVI. Since
    information on the structure is freely available on the Internet, you can
    readily get software to record and edit it (like VirtualDub). With more
    information, I would certainly choose the one which visually appeared to be
    the highest quality.

    Howard Henry Schlunder
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