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average volts to dc

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Warren Thai, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. Warren Thai

    Warren Thai Guest

    I need a circuit to take in a PWM signal (Vin) and output the average
    voltage (Vo = D*Vin). Any ideas?
  2. Guest

    Use a low pass filter and put the PWM frequency
    far over the filter's cut-off frequency.
    (Remove the two Roentgen-ray characters to reply.)
  3. Palindrome

    Palindrome Guest

    As others have suggested, there are analogue methods of averaging, using
    mechanical, electrical or thermal techniques.

    However, as this is presumably a fixed amplitude signal, simple digital
    techniques are also available using the timing of the edges of the signal.

    I won't mention the device-type of choice, as (1) everyone knows what it
    is and (2) some go spare just at the mention of the acronym.

    It will have many advantages - including that of a much faster response
    time than any analogue system - as it will produce a valid output almost
    immediately after the first pulse has been registered. However, it will,
    of course, produce a quantised output signal which may need analogue
    techniques to reduce the transient component.. ;)
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