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Availability of CPLDs

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Fred, Feb 18, 2004.

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  1. Fred

    Fred Guest

    At present I am concerned over the lead time of CPLDs. Both Altera and
    Xilinx have had, in the past, very embarrassing lead times which would be
    unacceptable in a product I am about to design.

    Can anyone give an indication of their experiences?
  2. Leon Heller

    Leon Heller Guest

    There is a general problem with availability of components at present.
    I've just read that even passive components like SM capacitors have long
    lead times.

  3. Fred

    Fred Guest

    We do seem to work in a boom - bust economy. I recall once, a couple of
    years ago, taking many weeks just to get 2 samples of Xilinx devices. I
    just wondered if things were still the same.

  4. You may have to stock a few items.

  5. Howdy Fred,

    I'd be happy to relay our experience, but I'm afraid that you've
    left more details out of your message than you've included, and
    without some context, you could get some wildly varying answers. Here
    is a list of stuff that would be good to know:

    1. What do you consider embarrassingly long?

    2. How long ago, and what parts were involved with your "embarrasing
    long lead times"?

    3. Were they moderately mature parts, or recently released ones?

    4. What kind of volumes were you asking for? 10? 1k? 100k?

    The short, generic answer to your question is that over the past six
    to nine months, lead times have grown considerably on all parts, not
    just programmable logic. "A few weeks" leadtime is giving way to 6 to
    8 weeks for many devices, while a few others are considerably longer.
    And that's for low quantity (a hundred or two)... it'd probably be
    even worse for higher volumes.

    Good luck,

  6. Well, yeah, that's what you get once the entire playing field is
    directly or indirectly dependent on the attention time span of Joe
    Average Shareholder watching his daily dose of stock news over supper.

    First you get to feel the fiscal year as a slow wave rocking
    everything gently, then it turns into a quarter-by-quarter
    rollercoaster ride. Next thing you know, you can't use *any* parts
    reliably lest you have stocked up a year's supply of them right on
    your own premises.
    Seems more like they're the same *again*.
  7. With the rise in defense spending in the US. There is a higher allocation for these jobs.
    Its part specific like tantulum caps etc. So you have to do a little research and hope the distributors dont pull parts allocated
    for you.

  8. rickman

    rickman Guest

    Who told you it was due to defense spending? My understanding is that
    it is all consumer spending. The tiny parts and memories that go into
    cell phones and the like are what is going on allocation.


    Rick "rickman" Collins

    Ignore the reply address. To email me use the above address with the XY

    Arius - A Signal Processing Solutions Company
    Specializing in DSP and FPGA design URL
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  9. Sprow

    Sprow Guest

    But remember if you get your 'hundred or two' from a disty then the
    disty is probably very low down on the priority list for the supplier.
    Customers who placed advance orders on a schedule for 100k pieces are
    going to get chips before the '2 reels every now and then' that the
    disty is going to buy.

    This happened back in 2000 with 100nF decoupling capacitors, we could
    get lorry loads at my work but all but one type were on 6 weeks
    leadtime in the catalogue if I just wanted a strip of 50...
  10. Ken Smith

    Ken Smith Guest

    If a part is adopted by many companies, the demand exceeds the supply so
    you can't get them in a hurry. If the part is not adopted by many
    companies, the maker will stop making them and you can't get them at all.

    Right now you can get Cypress CPLDs shipped the next day from Digikey.

    Last year Cypress denied and then anounced that they are going out of the
    CPLD business. I suggest you go with Altera and buy a years supply of the
    part you design in.
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