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Automotive LED Light Modules

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by K. Fields, Aug 24, 2004.

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  1. K. Fields

    K. Fields Guest

    I have a working idea for making some LED Modules that I want to use
    in my SUV for Car Shows. I want to use a 12 volt positive and ground
    setup in a 3 by 3 LED configuration. I'm trying to figure out if I
    should put the lights on a board or just wire them together. If I put
    them on a board I don't know how to connect all of them. I know it
    sounds easy to most people, but I'm working with an idea and I just
    can't figure out how to do it. Any help or advise would be great.

    K. Fields
  2. For 12v use 3 leds wired in series (see below) with each "line" having a
    resistor of about 150 ohms.
    Really to calculate the actual value of the resistors we need to know more
    details on the leds, like their forward voltage etc. but the principle would
    be Ok with that value of resistor.
    It would be easiest to mount them on a strip of "veroboard" or whatever it's
    called in your part of the world :) but their are also printed circuit
    boards now available to mount them on a conventional bulb base.
    Looking at the figure below the ^ is led and the = is a resistor, each end
    of a string would be connected together with the others and the anode ends
    would go to positive (they are usually the longest lead.

  3. BobGardner

    BobGardner Guest

    12 volt positive and ground
    3 leds in series with a resistor will run from 12V. Make 3 strings like that.
  4. Guest

    Ok the diagram makes since....but I have one question where do I
    connect the + and - on the board? Ideally I only wnat 1 wire for + and
    1 for -. Thanks.

    Keith Fields
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