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Automotive electronics

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Charles, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. Charles

    Charles Guest

    Modern autos are amazing. Much better reliability for engines, as one
    example, since I started driving.

    However, the electronics are often a nightmare. It seems the auto-techs and
    dealerships are often clueless.

    My take on this is to buy a car with air-conditioning and a radio and say no
    to the rest. Hard to find a new car like that.
  2. The electronics in modern vehicles are extremely reliable,
    I don't know how modern is modern, but my 1987 Chevy Beretta twice required
    computer replacement at 400 bucks a pop.
  3. newshound

    newshound Guest

    +1. Let's not forget that the MPG has nearly doubled too.
  4. Charles

    Charles Guest

    "Charles" wrote in message
    I was asking about and hoping for opinions about expensive 'options.'

    Air-bags, emission control, etc. are not what I was interested in as it is a
    given that they are now a fact of life.
  5. Charles

    Charles Guest

    And it gets my 2007 Chevy Cobalt, the turn signal clicker, the
    key-in-ignition warning, and the seat belt warning are all run thru the
    radio amplifier, and are sent to the driver side front speakers. Change the
    radio, or lose the amp, and you have no sounds.

    At last! A kindred sufferer! My car has been a nightmare with intermittent
    electrical and electronic problems.

    Just say no to the add on junk that they cannot service!

    CAROLINA Guest

    I have a friend who was told by the dealer here ECU was defective and had to be replaced at a heavy cost and was non-repairable, being an electronics guy I did not believe it could not be repaired and checked on line, found aplace in Germany that repairs them. The unit was sent to them for repair, they found no problem!! It was re-installed in the car and the dealer rechecked it while I was there, again it was found defective! I was watching thetest and asked the guy why he did not call up the model of the car on his test computer.... He replied "we don't have that model on our computer sir,but its OK" I tore him and his manager off a piece and got them to refund the cost of having the unit checked in Germany

    Make sure your dealer knows how to use a computer diagnostic program
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