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Automatic Transfer Switch

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by KMS - Brett Anderson, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. Looking for an automatic transfer switch, 200A or larger, that will switch
    from grid power to our solar fed battery backup if grid power goes out.

    All of the ATSs that I see on the web are for generators, so they're
    designed to start a generator, wait 30 seconds for it to stabilize, then
    switch power. We currently have a standby generator with an ATS, and it
    works in that way. Although when power is restored to the grid, the switch
    back to the grid is essentially instant, with not even a flicker of the

    In an ideal world, I'd like an ATS that switches both ways that fast. The
    grid drops, it immediately switches to the inverters. Grid comes back, it
    switches back.

    I have an Outback Power system that sells excess power to the grid, and
    stops selling power if the grid drops (to prevent islanding). But I'm
    working on a much larger battery system, enough to run the entire house, AC
    and all, for 24 hours minimum. Due to cost reasons, I'm not using the
    Outback stuff. I just purchased a batch of inverters with 14w of regular
    capacity for less than half the cost of one Outback 3.6Kw inverter. So, I
    won't have the versatility of the Outback Power system anymore. Looking for
    a way to alleviate the switching problem.

    Any ideas appreciated.


    Brett Anderson
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