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Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by SFD, Jan 30, 2013.

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  1. SFD

    SFD Guest

    I got an email today from Becman Manufacturing (PC Boards) informing that
    they will be closed from 4th to 18th February to celebrate Chinese New Year.

    Over the past umpteen months I has received emails from them touting
    themselves as an "Australian" company, their address is at Walter Crest,
    Lawnton QLD. I don't use them, I unfortunately I deal directly with PCB
    companies in China.

    So does this mean that we can expect various local companies to choose which
    countries holidays they will shut up shop?

    I think I will acknowledge each of the World's countries holidays throughout
    this year, and take leave for those periods - hopefully I will still have
    one or two customers left in December!
  2. yaputya

    yaputya Guest

    At least they told you that they wouldn't be able to get anything done then.
    Give Dick Smith a ring, maybe he'll make a video about it.
    If an OZ company depends on O/S fabrication then how can they provide a service
    during the time their O/S supplier is shut?
    OZ still has a way to go with its holiday regulations, for example the way
    holidays are shifted if the real holiday date falls on a weekend etc.
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