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aus.Re: DI 101?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Eeyore, Aug 18, 2008.

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  1. bassett

    bassett Guest

    Takes one to know one, "Blossum"
  2. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    I could fancy Hong Kong.

  3. I don't know why the yanks haven't invaded Canada yet, MUCH better
    lifestyle north of the border!
    Yikes, Hong Kong?
    On a world trip a few years back Hong Kong was my *least* favourite
    city, absolute bottom of the list.
    Out of the city it got better though.

    Ya can't beat Sydney of course :p

  4. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    What didn't you like about it ?

    Probably too hot for me.

  5. bassett

    bassett Guest

    Try wearing a "T" shirt in your southern states with "I,m a Gin jockey"
    printed on the thing, and see
    how long you last.
    Did anyone see the "Top Gear'' program where they visited the South, and got
    chased by "home'' boys with guns. Talk about "deliverance" mentality

  6. Dirty (nothing on NY though), run-down (again, nothing on NY), not
    many places to "escape" to for a quiet sit, not much to see or do IMO,
    people not very friendly, plus the shopping was very expensive.
    Basically nothing going for it at all.
    Lantau island was nicer.
    The new international airport is impressive.

  7. They got sucked in by the whole Miami Vice thing perhaps? :->

    My first visit to the US was flying into Miami. Boy, what a hole,
    couldn't wait to get out of there. The worst city I visited in the US
    by far.
    I thought I flew into the wrong country, with all the airport signs in

    Orlando, now there there was a much nicer place. Still pales compared
    to Canada though, sorry.

  8. I visited Perth for the first time last month, and I've got to say
    it's very nice indeed. My second favourite city in Oz.
    There is a good 25km or so between us, so not too bad.
    Sydney unfortunately gets a bad wrap on here for that alone!

  9. Keithr

    Keithr Guest

    Yes I was a trackie there for just over a year. A great place if you
    like isolation and being bossed around by Wilson Tuckey who owned the
    Port Hotel and was the Shire Chairman. I think that it was summed up by
    the couple that parked along side me at the jetty on day, the wife took
    a look and said "You mean we drove 600 bloody miles for this?".

    I left there for a job at the Uni of WA at Nedlands, unfortunately that
    didn't last long as it soon became obvious that there was something of a
    gap between what they paid me and a living wage in Perth at the time
    (and there were artistic differences with the professor). So it was back
    to being a trackie, 2 years in Woomera, got me a near new car and the
    deposit for a house. Another 3.5 years as a trackie in Canberra where I
    (literally) taught myself to fix computers and I have been in the
    computer industry ever since.
  10. Sure, I agree.
    But I don't think it's necessarily unfair to judge a region by it's
    major city(s). At least not from a visiting tourist point of view.

    You don't get people flocking out of say Sydney or Perth and
    surrounding CBD's to get away from anything or anyone (the usual crowd
    thing excepted).

    I'm sure there are much better places in Florida, and I did really
    like Orlando. I was told by a local limo guy that they have recently
    spent big in recent time to spruce the place up. I was not

    Miami though remains a hole, and every yank I spoke to about it
    agreed :->

  11. Keithr

    Keithr Guest

    Not slackers Arnie, just a diffeent philosophy of life. We don't feel
    ther need to scrabble for every last dollar. We prefer to have a littel
    less an enjoy life. No comment on your math ability I see, perhaps our
    education system works better.
    tell that to the beggars.
    why then are there people working for as little as $5.15 per hour (or as
    low as $3.77 if they can get tips). the minimum here is about $14
    In Australia, if you have a life threatening condition, you get the same
    tratment rich or poor, and there will not be a horrific bill hang ing
    over you. doctors will make the decisions about your treatment not HMOs.
    So if it is not an American source, it must be biased eh? Sorry, I
    should have consulted Fox News
    I do know, and the Economist is one
  12. Keithr

    Keithr Guest

    I found Miami strange place, a mix of faded glory, elderly Jewish
    retirees, Hispanic machismo, and a whole lot of absolute posers. We got
    stuck in a traffic jam getting to our hotel at the beach due to all the
    posers driving roundand around the block just to be seen. Didn't see any
    cops in Ferarris though.

    Further north I kind of liked Coco Beach and Cape Canaveral. All we saw
    of Orlando was the airport and the road out. Daytona and Jacksonville
    you can keep, St Augustine was nice, and over the border we found
    Savannah very pleasant.

    I have friends in Orlando, may get down to see them in October.

    The place I most liked in Florida was Key West, wouldn't want to live
    there though.
  13. Keithr

    Keithr Guest

    Don't worry Arnie, soon if you need treatment, your HMO will fly you to
    Cambodia, the treament is cheaper there.
  14. Keithr

    Keithr Guest

    Of course, any Canadians going south for treatment, are outnumbered by
    the busloads of elderly Americans going north to buy the drugs they need
    to stay alive at a reasonable price. All the border crossing that I used
    had large pharmacies with big carparks a short distance inside Canada.
  15. Keithr

    Keithr Guest

    Yearh, that and the spring break.
  16. bassett

    bassett Guest

    Which tells us everything we need to know about the average American's state
    of mind.
  17. bassett

    bassett Guest

    And your a real guiding little light with a name like CLUNKER
  18. Keithr

    Keithr Guest

    Thats strange, in 5.5 years in the states, and 8 visits since, I have
    never felt threatened there, but then I have never felt threatened
    anywhere else either.

    A whole bunch of Yanks that I have known felt threatened in situations
    that I found no problem - maybe my situation awareness is at fault, but
    then nothing bad has ever eventuated.
  19. clanker

    clanker Guest

    Yeah, I are.
  20. bassett

    bassett Guest

    But you where at a great advantage, You simply produced your aussie
    something the natives could never do.
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