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aus.Re: DI 101?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Eeyore, Aug 18, 2008.

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  1. Keithr

    Keithr Guest

    I am fully aware that they only arrived near the end Arnie, but that
    doesn't stop many of your countrymen from claiming full credit for the

    PS. I don't blame the US for not wanting to get involved in a stupid
    quarrel between the various european royal families. Most of their
    subjects would rather not have been involved either, especially the ones
    who got killed for no reason at all.
  2. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Well I can't fault your knowledge of history there. However for the Germans,
    they must have realised the game was up then.

  3. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    You obviously don't have the History Channel over there then !

  4. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Speaks for itself.

  5. Keithr

    Keithr Guest

    Not everybody wants what you want Arnie, what is so difficult about
    that. You, and a lot of your countrymen seem to have great problems
    understanding it.
    Ah, if only the whole world were like America, God would be in his
    heaven and all would be right with the world. the truth is that the
    French like being French, the Germans like being German and so on. Very
    few want to be American. American cities may be more diverse that a lot
    of European ones (but not all) they certainly are not more cosmopolitan,
    and America as a whole certainly is not more diverse or cosmopolitan
    than Europe, or for that matter Australia. New York is certainly richer
    and more populous than Australia for instance, but having experienced
    both, I know which I'd rather live in.
    Same with any country, the US just happens to be bigger than most. I can
    travel anywhere in Australia, settle down and vote anywhere. As a bonus,
    the Australain government does not forbid me to travel anywhere, and I
    can buy stuff from any country at all.
    I seem to remember that during the 1800s there was a somewhat vicious
    war going on within the US.

    One of the skills in life is to be able to tell what are nits and what
    are not, you obviously have failed.
  6. bassett

    bassett Guest

    The european model is also a dam sight older, has considerably more
    history, and tradition then the US,
    and has got this by the old way of trial and error. Unlike the US who has
    no history, and can and has benefited
    by other countries mistakes. But like all anericans, you see things through
    rose coloured glasses. And simply can't except that others opinions might
    just be correct.

    Fact is there are two classes in the US, the very rish and the dirt poor,
    And while some of there cities might be bigger by vertue of population,
    It's still a relatively new country compared to Europe. The US would have
    to be the most un-cosmopolitan of any western country. populated by Spanish
    speaking, and English speaking peoples who also diversify with the negro
    slave cultures.
    Where as the european countries are far more cosmopolitan due to the
    vast mix of tounges and cultures.
    Even Australa is more cosmopolitan then the US, due to it's immigration
    policies, which like Canada, has a mix of many european ethnic diversities

    Your so-called states are also very small in size compaired to some places.
    We in Australia have cattle stations far bigger then Texas, and run by a
    couple of people, Victiria River Downs being a prime example, these
    proparties are measured in square miles
    Actualy most american states could well be run by a local council, After
    all consider the Greater London Council, popluation close to 25 million.
    As for your so-called freedoms with regard to the seperation of states,
    Each of your states has a set of statues, differant to it's neighbours, so
    there is a complete jumble. There is no freedom between states, and
    extrodision is required to return someone accross a stae border. This is
    why you have an FBI service, together with homeland security, Plus the
    state police, State troopers, federial marshal service, the list goes on
    and on.

    Had the US had been around as long as the European countries , there would
    have been as many wars between states.
    The big problem is most Americans don't have the slightest consept of what
    other countries enjoy, there total brainwashed into thinking that "What's
    American, must be bigger and better" where in fact the reverse is true.
    I've lived in the US, and Canada, and Alaskia, when I was a lot younger, and
    let me tell you I'm far better of where I am now in OZ. The division in
    your country between rich and poor is poles apart, just consider the actions
    of YOUR government with "Karenna" And the long delays , before your
    governments decided to act. Years later people are still waiting for help,
    and are living on what's left of the streets, The Californian earthquakes
    are the same. The rich and influential get all the help they ask for, and
    the common person who may well be Black and on welfare payments get nothing.
    Poverty is rife in the US, may-be not for the well paid, but the life of the
    Mexician day labourer, or negro farm worker. But all this is covered up by
    the Americam Dream of "All is well with the world, Due to American money
    and might.
    Just consider the numbers of negro servicemen that died [cannon fodder] in
    Vietnam and Iraq, complaired to there white brothers. America IS a very
    racist country, not that your about to admit it. And as for your next
    Black President, that's not about to be allowed to happen. Dispite what
    the man on the street might like to think.
    Just remember Kennedy for evidence of that. But you won't of cause. Your
    sort only remember what you want to remember, the rest gets forgotten and
    swept under the carpit for another day.


  7. History is tightly bound to culture. If what
    Arny states above is true, this would explain
    why the majority of US high school students
    think that Joan of Arc was Noah's wife:)

  8. clanker

    clanker Guest

    The "mind altering substance" is oxygen, stolen from real people....

    .....unless bassett won some in a spelling contest.
  9. bassett

    bassett Guest

    Thank you for your eloquent contribution, You and Terrell, should get
    together, you would make a perfect pair.
    As for the spelling, WE speak and spell correctly, Unlike you Septics who
    tend to corrupt everything you touch

  10. Keithr

    Keithr Guest

    Western Australia 1,021,478 square miles

    Queensland 715,309 square miles

    Northern Territory 502,902 square miles

    South Australia 402,903 square miles

    New South Wales 312,528 square miles

    So there you have it - 2 states bigger than Alaska, 5 bigger than Texas.

    but then, size isn't everything is it?
  11. clanker

    clanker Guest

    Says an illiterate, mind-numbingly stupid "dog" with a pommy accent !

    Congratulations on the spelling in your last post, let me guess - mummy
    showed you how to use a spell-checker ?
  12. bassett

    bassett Guest

    Nice to see I'm once again correct and there's no argument from the minions,
    Even if it has become rather boring attempting to communicate with "trailer
    trash'' who
    still look up to people like Jerry Springer for direction and guidence.

    But I must say it's very perceivable of you, arriving at a judgement on my
    accent, which
    you gleaned from words of infinite wisdom. Pity your total wrong, Still
    that's no surprise,
    I doubt you have ever been correct about anything, in your sad little life.

  13. bassett

    bassett Guest

    What more do you need to mow the Lawns and trim the edges.
  14. Mike Coatham

    Mike Coatham Guest

    Bassett - you appear to have a problem - one second you are stating "WE
    speak and spell correctly...." and in the next breath completely mangle
    the English language. And I quote " Pity your total wrong....."
    For goodness sake get it right. The correct statement is...... "Pity
    you're ( short for YOU ARE) totally wrong".
  15. Keithr

    Keithr Guest

    The question is whether that is an advantantage or a disadvantage. I
    lived in Carnarvon in the 60s it was a long lonely drive to Perth. Then
    again flying from LA to Boston, you pass over a lot of uninhabited
    country. Like us, the yanks tend to cluster into the more desirable real

  16. Keithr

    Keithr Guest

    Unfortunately, due in large part to the influence of the internet, the
    distinction between your and you're is rapidly disapearing

  17. Keithr

    Keithr Guest

    ROFL, obviously you have never been there
    You are showing your ignorance Arnie, do some research
    You are showing your ignorance Arnie, do some research
    You are showing your ignorance Arnie, do some research
    You are showing your ignorance Arnie, do some research
    If we accept you figures, which I don't have time to check, it would
    imply that the average Texan produces $32,531 per year and the average
    Australian $26,408 per year. I.e. the average Australian produces 81% of
    a Texan - it looks like your numeracy skills are on a par with your
    literacy ones.
    And extremely poor people living off the minimum wage with no health cover.

    Like most Americans you confuse quantity with quality lets look at The
    Economist's 2008 top 10 list of most livable cities

    1 Vancouver Canada 98.8
    2 Melbourne Australia 98.2
    3 Vienna Austria 97.9
    4 Perth Australia 97.3
    5 Toronto Canada 97.0
    6 Helsinki Finland 96.9
    7 Adelaide Australia 96.6
    - Calgary Canada 96.6
    9 Geneva Switzerland 96.1
    - Sydney Australia 96.1
    - Zurich Switzerland 96.1

    I see 4 Australian cities there but no US ones

    Then there is Mercer's quality of living index survey 2008

    1 Zurich Switzerland 108
    2 Vienna Austria 107.9
    - Geneva Switzerland 107.9
    4 Vancouver Canada 107.6
    5 Auckland New Zealand 107.3
    6 Dusseldorf Germany 107.2
    7 Munich Germany 107
    - Frankfurt Germany 107
    9 Bern Switzerland 106.5
    10 Sydney Australia 106.3
    11 Copenhagen Denmark 106.2
    12 Wellington New Zealand 105.8
    13 Amsterdam The Netherlands 105.7
    14 Brussels Belgium 105.4
    15 Toronto Canada 105.3
    16 Berlin Germany 105
    17 Melbourne Australia 104.8
    - Luxembourg Luxembourg 104.8
    19 Ottawa Canada 104.8
    20 Stockholm Sweden 104.5
    21 Perth Australia 104.3
    22 Montreal Canada 104.2
    23 Nurnberg Germany 104.1
    24 Oslo Norway 103.7
    25 Dublin Ireland 103.5
    - Calgary Canada 103.5
    27 Hamburg Germany 103.4
    28 Honolulu US 103.1

    Wow! there is an American city there at 28 behind 3 Australian ones. I
    don't think that I would call Honolulu a typical American city though.
  18. Keithr

    Keithr Guest

    Hey Arnie, I just found this:-

    Morgan Quitno Press' 6th Annual Safest City Award


    A Score of "0.00" would reflect an average crime rate at the national
    rate in the six crimes reviewed. A positive score reflects an average
    rate above the national rate.

    Dangerous Order Safest Order City Score

    1 315 Detroit, MI 354.71
    2 314 Atlanta, GA 348.29
    3 313 Camden, NJ 320.07
    4 312 Baltimore, MD 307.57
    5 311 St. Louis, MO 302.33
    6 310 Gary, IN 286.37
    7 309 Flint, MI 273.29
    8 308 West Palm Beach, FL 267.61
    9 307 Miami, FL 255.59
    10 306 New Orleans, LA 249.15
    11 305 Tampa, FL 238.68
    12 304 Kansas City, MO 236.86
    13 303 Jackson, MS 236.32
    14 302 Richmond, VA 235.00
    15 301 Youngstown, OH 231.89
    16 300 Newark, NJ 230.94
    17 299 Washington, DC 230.88
    18 298 Compton, CA 216.77
    19 297 Orlando, FL 210.33
    20 296 Memphis, TN 206.64

    So there you have it, the most dangerous of 315 cities in the US, it is
    a pity they don't do an international one.
  19. clanker

    clanker Guest

    Rubbish, the bassett fool *really is* that stupid.

    A bitter twisted thing he is.
  20. bassett

    bassett Guest

    I had to write it that way, the green light was flashing, to tell me my
    computer was nearly out if Ink.
    And the count down had started on the number of letters I had left.

    PS, Love to Barbarrrrrrrrrrrrra
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