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aus.Re: DI 101?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Eeyore, Aug 18, 2008.

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  1. keithr

    keithr Guest

    I have no quibble with US Customs, they are usually courtious and
    unobtrusive, the total opposite of the surly bastards at immigration
    No intention to, I get very well rewarded, and every job has some sort of
    shit to put up with.
    What goes around comes around, US tourists don't have a good reputation

  2. keithr

    keithr Guest

    Funny, that is what is said about american tourists all over the world.
  3. keithr

    keithr Guest

    I cant say that I liked Florida all that much, Key West is an interesting
    place but I don't think I 'd like to live there although I wouldn't mind
    revisiting it. Miami seemed to be a totally phoney place full of posers and
    elderly retirees who flee north as soon as the temperature gets over 75. I
    did get a bit interested in buying a house in Cape Canaveral, a nice
    waterfront where you could watch the shuttle launch from the back yard, and
    at a good price too. If I had to spend the rest of my life in the US though,
    I think that it would be on the Oregon coast, the scenery and the people
    there were very nice.

  4. keithr

    keithr Guest

    Claiming to have won both world wars single handed would be a good start.
  5. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Some years ago I was was on the 'tube' in London. There were some obviously
    American tourists nearby. I was hoping 'please don't say anything crappy' but on
    the way out of the station both wives complained about having to walk up steps
    instead of there being an escalator. All of about 15 feet rise I'd say.

    Both looked like you could power your car for several hundred miles if their
    spare fat were turned into motor fuel.

  6. keithr

    keithr Guest

    More proof of the arrogance and ignorance issue.
  7. keithr

    keithr Guest

    Compared to Detroit? You must be joking.
  8. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    LMAO ! I expect they want to find a Wally World everywhere.

  9. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    They typically do a country per day don't they on European trips. Must be very

  10. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    I think you got yourself a little confused there. Australia is a Commonwealth
    nation not a US state.

  11. keithr

    keithr Guest

    Crap Arnie, it was the Australians who stopped the Japanese in New Guinea,
    the only place that they could have invaded from. We also gave shelter to
    McArthur after he got his ass womped by the Japs. The US certainly did do
    most of the job against the Japs, but the Australians, Chinese, Brits, and
    Indians also had a part in it. Oh and a guy called Ho Chi Minh who got quite
    pissed off at the Americans who promised to help free his country from the
    French after the war if he and his followers helped fight the japs. I think
    that the US paid a pretty high price for not fullfilling their part of the
  12. terryc

    terryc Guest

    On Thu, 21 Aug 2008 20:38:52 -0400, Arny Krueger wrote:

    Nope, we had stopped them well before you turned up. and we did it with
    most of our troops in the Middle East and Europe.
  13. terryc

    terryc Guest

    The repulsive part is when the generation that wasn't even born acts like
    we owe them everything that is truely repulsive.
  14. Peter Larsen

    Peter Larsen Guest

    This differs between elections on city and county level and on country
    The EU is not currently a union state. There are people who want to make it
    one and people who do not.

    Kind regards

    Peter Larsen
  15. Peter Larsen

    Peter Larsen Guest

    Arny is plain right. And you could have had german as your first language,
    twice over, and you could have had to learn russian because that could have
    been the trade language on the mainland.

    If you haven't read Churchill's "The Great War", then please do so - it
    should keep you busy for a forthnight and then perhaps we can have a lull in
    your postings so that the audio posters will come out of hiding, if there
    are any left.
    Kind regards

    Peter Larsen
  16. terryc

    terryc Guest

    Is this the Churchill that sunk a ship that had surrendered when the
    crew was still on it?
  17. article , "Eeyore"
    Like all of your comments, another completely wrong assertion.

    Australians have been proven to be the fattest on the earth - must be all
    that welfare that you pump into what are the most unproductive citizenry on
    earth. Among other absurdities, the Australian government gives 14 year old
    "mothers" $5000 for their baby, which is promptly spent on plasma TV's,
    drugs, or beer.

    "I don't really have a replacement career, it's a very gnawing thing."

    Robert Morein
    Dresher, PA
    (310) 237-6511
    (215) 646-4894
  18. Mike Coatham

    Mike Coatham Guest

    If there was an Olympic Games category for obesity - the Yanks would get
    Gold, Silver & Bronze just for turning up.
  19. Yes. We have seen the pictures of Detroit:)
  20. Arny. Your direct, simplistic comparison of the
    50 states (and 1 district) that make up the USA
    with the EU has confused you somewhat.

    The 50 states in the US are populated by people
    of the same nation (excluding of course the 11
    million illegal immigrants:) They all have the
    same US passport.

    The EU is comprised currently of 27 separate
    nations each with its own national identity, flag,
    parliament and passport. They are referred to
    in the Maastricht Agreement of 1992 as
    "sovereign nations". They now make up the
    largest economic sector in the world.

    As a British citizen living overseas within the EU,
    I can, and do, vote in any of those 27 countries
    in which I have residence at a permanent address,
    for more than six moths in any year.

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