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aus.Re: DI 101?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Eeyore, Aug 18, 2008.

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  1. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Got it. Very interesting if not altogther bemusing !

  2. Peter Larsen

    Peter Larsen Guest

    There was this issue of the Congreve rocket attack on Copenhagen ... it was
    not called for and not required to reach the objective of neutralizing the
    danish fleet so that it could not end up on Napoleons side. However to be
    fair you - as a nation - did apologize indirectly via your effors in the
    Vienna conference when we had what is technically known as A problem with
    Schleswig later than century and in your support of the resolution of the
    Schleswig border problem via a vote after The Great War and recently

    When you - ie. Britain - went after the french navy in WW2 - they might have
    been well off having read their history books with greater care, they would
    quite possibly have given up if they had remebered Copenhagen. As for the
    tactic as well as strategic necessity of both naval seizures, no contest, it
    was an obviously required step for your nations survival.
    Kind regards

    Peter Larsen
  3. -=Spudley=-

    -=Spudley=- Guest

    Quite possibly it was this response of yours to Phil that prompted Peter to
    comment. "You're not only a foul-mouthed shit, you're also an idiot."
  4. Peter Larsen

    Peter Larsen Guest

    I made no such comment.

    Peter Larsen
  5. bassett

    bassett Guest

    Well we all await the outcome, but getting rid of Phillie, has been tried
    before, and apart from a few lapse's where he disappeared for a week or so,
    He's here, and here to stay.

    So unless you have some secret formula, I think your drawing a very long
    bow, When you say you will remove him.

    As has been suggested, just do as the rest of us do and simply "kilfile" the
    little bugger.

    But like all things "time will tell"

    And as I said before, Attempting to regulate who posts and who dosen't post
    on a public unmoderated newsgroup, is impossable to control. regardless of
    what you might know, or what you think you might know.
    But we all wish you well in your endeavours

  6. keithr

    keithr Guest

    How about China during the opium war? It is the only time that I know of
    that a country has declared war on another in order to protect it's "Rights"
    to push hard drugs against that county's wishes.
  7. Moi

    Moi Guest

    Actually, I am British too, though the past was beyond my control. (BTW,
    and a neutralised <g> Australian to boot (or is that to thong?)). I don't
    think it's his Britishness that does this. The arrogance is more like
    America! There, I've stirred the pot now! Having said that, there are many
    Americans I admire... and then again there are many I do NOT! Graham keeps
    on declaring that he knows what he's doing, just you wait and see, etc. But
    nothing! It's become a bit of an obsession with him. Not healthy,
    obsessions. Most of us have become frustrated with Phil but now and then he
    gives really good information. I killfiled him long ago to get rid of the
    abuse, only to see his post quoted numerous times by others!
  8. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Thank you.

  9. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Well I haven't done anything yet. And if Philthy cleans up his act I won't.

    Which is why the other method is more effective.

  10. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Ah. Wars. I thought the previous poster had the Empire more in mind.

  11. Surely your "deadline" has long passed Graham?
    Your posts are starting to look a little vacuous.

  12. bassett

    bassett Guest

    Talking of War's As far as Phillie's conserned, It might be time for him
    to capitulate, and go and live on Macquarie island. well away from the
    Internet. As his fate is sealed, according to some.

    Meanwhile Graham, is issueing Tin Hats and the troops are in the trenches,
    awaiting the impending confruntation of Good over Evil.

    He will Go, He won't.
    He's on his last warning, [that was 5 years ago] Phil wait's for a full
    moon, to repel borders, on the ship of fools. He must change, he won't. It
    might be easer to get him to change his socks.
    He will be nice to everyone, He can't , he dosen't know how.

    But like a lot of people I wish you would hurry up, it's getting cold,
    standing out here attempting to protect
    peace and harmany.

    I,m sorry Graham, but somehow me thinks you have shot yourself in the foot.

  13. keithr

    keithr Guest

    Nope, and in any case the British only ever had possession of a small part
    of what is now called The United States Of America. Their successors now
    known as Americans did a far more efficient job of raping the rest of it.
    Yes but the original rulers were doing an effective job long before
    Not really, they did a much better job in other parts of Africa.
    History and geography are not really strong subjects in America are they?

  14. -=Spudley=-

    -=Spudley=- Guest

    Will you please try to keep up.

  15. Living in "darkest Detroit", Arny, has probably never
    visited either India or S.Africa, and so do not know the
    high level of esteem in which the British are held there.

    This is in stark contrast to Vietnam where tourists
    are advised to wear a T-shirt on which is written
    in Vietnamese. "I am not an American"

    I have travelled extensively in all three countries.

  16. liquidator

    liquidator Guest

    First, top posting is bad form.

    Second, the comment was attributed to Peter in the reply.

    Frankly you need to keep up.

    Peter was challenging the reply attributing the comment to him when he
    didn't say it.

    Look at the post Peter replied to. Although you don't seem to know enough
    about usenet to figure it out.
  17. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    The deadline to modify his behaviour. I'm not a meanie. I haven't (yet)
    seen any more cancer or death threats.

    Besides, these things don't usually happen overnight (except one notorious
    example which had the abuse crowd baying for my blood).

  18. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Oh I doubt it. There are to date only 2 serious abusers I've failed to 'nick'
    and besides, both have pretty much shut up now. Both use far cleverer ways of
    covering their tracks than Philthy does.

  19. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Raped ? In what way ? Might I draw your attention to how you treated
    your own indigenous population ?

    Oh, that assortment of moghul territories and mini kingdoms we turned
    into a nation state and introduced democracy to. We built the Indian
    Parliament around 1912 or so IIRC. Yup, that was rape for sure

    Cite ? I think you'll find the Boers were the beastly ones.

  20. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Exactly. The French had bits too.

    I'd love to see an American history book. They must get these ideas from

    The way the British treated their colonies, dominions etc is well demonstrated
    by the continuing existence of the Commonwealth of Nations which has recently
    even accepted one former non-British territory. There are are over 50 members

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