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audio taper potentiometer

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jun 9, 2007.

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  2. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

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  3. mc

    mc Guest

    This should be a common item, a PC-board-mounted audio-taper potentiometer.
    It may be nominally 47k instead of 50k and might be called log taper rather
    than audio taper (similar but not identical). What part of the world are
    you in?
  4. surface mount piece is a bitch to replace. ... best ... good .. better than good

    A *certified" Fender repair shop would be TOO obvious.
  5. Guest

    I am living in Belgium. They are less and less electronics shops, so
    generally I buy my components at Farnell. But here I do not find any
    references ...
  6. mc

    mc Guest

    Is there a manufacturer's name on the potentiometer? If so, Google for it,
    and find a distributor.

    Let me suggest another approach. Add a 27k or 47k resistor from the wiper
    (middle contact) of the potentiometer to the low end of the potentiometer.
    This is a very old trick for making a linear potentiometer behave more like
    an audio taper. It's not perfect, but it may achieve what you want.

    Also, write to the people at
    and see what they know.

    And look at
    which is probably the manufacturer. If you can identify the part you want,
    they can probably tell you where you can buy it in small quantities.
  7. Guest

    Hi MC,

    Cool, I think it is a CTS Corp Series 296. I will contact them. Thanks
    very much.
  8. Only if you find a AT pot to fit in the socket..

    You could <chuckle> tap off the LT pot and adjust the 'bend' where
    it changes to promote an audio able 'ear friendly' taper. Is what you
    want to do going to happen with a taper change? Is it worth it?


    Seems I forgot the next verse..
    oh well, I guess it pays to rehearse..
    the lyric sheet's so hard to find..
    what are the words, oh nevermind...

    Weird Al
  9. isw

    isw Guest

    It's been a *long* time, but I believe that an audio taper pot is
    ANTIlog, not log. A log pot will work only if you hook it up to get
    louder as you crank it CCW.

  10. Guest

    So-called log pots arent really log. Theyre linear over most of their
    scale, with a short section of lower R per distance material at the
    bottom end. It may be quicker to reduce the R of the bottom 10%-20% of
    the track than find a replacement. This could be done with some
    graphite dots at the edge of the track, where the wiper doesnt go.
    Graphite is very conductive, so use only the tiniest amout, and dont
    get it on the side of the track base, where it coudl conduct to case.

  11. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    It's not surface mount.

    It has standard PCB tails.

  12. mc

    mc Guest

    It's been a *long* time, but I believe that an audio taper pot is
    Not as I understand it.

    Linear taper = output voltage proportional to rotation

    Audio taper = lower at mid-scale than linear

    Log taper = same, slightly different curvature
    (not truly logarithmic because there is no logarithm of 0)

    Antilog taper = higher at mid-scale than linear

    To make it get louder instead of softer as you turn it CCW, you reverse the
    connections to the 2 ends of the potentiometer, whichever taper you have.
  13. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

    Your Farnell Belgium part number is the same as in Australia (and the
    rest of the world) - 1191756
  14. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

  15. mc

    mc Guest

  16. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

  17. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

  18. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    It's not.

    The 9mm types all have a 'sealed' body. His doesn't. 12mm I think.

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