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Audio Problems with Pioneer Elite VSX-29TX (VSX-27TX)

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Derek Simmons, Nov 22, 2003.

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  1. I'm having an intermittent audio problem with my Pioneer Elite
    VSX-29TX. The VSX-29TX is similar to VSX-27TX (the difference is rose
    wood panels and a copper chasis). My problem is more often then not
    the audio won't come on. If I leave the unit on for a while the audio
    will eventually come up. If I change the audio settings, from standard
    to THX or vice versa it will also cause the problem to occure.

    It almost seems like it is a bad capcitor. Does anybody have an
    explanation as to what is happening and how to fix it?

    Derek Simmons
  2. Ralph Farr

    Ralph Farr Guest

    Hi Derek,
    The likely problem with the Pioneer receiver is poor solder connections
    on a couple of large surface mount integrated circuit chips on the DSP
    processor board. After a couple of years of heating up/cooling down
    cycles the large IC chips have some legs that lose connection to the PC
    board foil traces. To repair this requires removing the DSP board from
    the receiver and re-soldering any suspect connections. The connections
    that require soldering are very small,close together, and easy to form
    solder bridges. Unless you are familiar with soldering surface mount
    devices you might want to have a service shop look at it - I think
    Pioneer knows about this problem and might even pay part/all of the
    repairs. Hope this helps you some with your problem.
  3. Pioneer knows but sometimes the CS rep plays dumb. Keep after them.

    Pioneer Customer service:

    Mark Z.
  4. Hi Derek,
    Does anyone have experience making this repair?

    If I have the top of the unit removed and I'm facing the front, is the
    DSP board the board, the board on the right, in the sheilded

    Is it more likely to be one of the parts then others?

    Derek Simmons

  5. How much dose this reapir normally cost or are they going to try to
    swap out the DSP board and charge me for a new one?

    Derek Simmons
  6. The DSP boards are no longer available. They went through all of them for
    this problem.

    Mark Z.
  7. Ralph Farr

    Ralph Farr Guest

    The DSP board is in the shielded enclosure and it can be removed
    completely from the receiver if you remove some screws and unplug some
    wires. I think it plugs into the main circuit board also.
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