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Audio from a cordless telephone (AT&T E5862BC)

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by DEFAULT, Apr 7, 2009.

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    DEFAULT Guest

    Hello -

    I've got an AT&T E5862BC cordless telephone. There are two stored
    messages that I would very much like to transfer out of the answering
    machine section (the only two recordings of my passed mother's voice)
    and into almost anything else. Tape recorder, computer, something more
    permanent than leaving it in the answering machine.

    I could place a tape recorder or microphone near the speaker. However,
    audio out of that little speaker is terrible. There is no obvious
    electrical port.

    The handset has a headset socket. My thought was to plug in a 2.5mm
    stereo plug and take the audio out that way. I pick up a 2.5mm plug
    with an attached cord, hook up a scope (ground to shield), plug into the
    phone, take the handset off-hook, probe two leads... and nothing.

    Three leads: Red, white, and black. I didn't attach a load. I don't
    know the wiring for the headset and am leery of opening the unit up.

    Calling AT&T support gets me nowhere.

    Anyone know the wiring for the headset?

    Your time is greatly appreciated.

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