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Audio Frequency and Phase Response

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Peter Hiscocks, Sep 14, 2006.

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  1. In August we announced the Open Instrumentation Project (OIP), which
    supports open-source software and low cost hardware for electronic

    One of the instruments is a VNA (vector network analyser) that measures
    amplitude and phase response over the frequency range 0.1Hz to 100kHz. The
    VNA is available as Open Software, working with the Syscomp DSO-101
    oscilloscope and WGM-101 waveform generator.

    The mechanics of the VNA are described in an article in the September issue
    of Circuit Cellar, titled 'Programmable Network Analyser'.

    Further detail is available in the paper 'A Software-Based Network Analyser'
    at the Papers section of the Syscomp web page:

    Another paper 'Audio Measurements with a Network Analyser' describes audio
    applications of the VNA and is available from the same web page.

    Screen shots and the software for these instruments are available from
    sourceforge at:

    The software is licensed under the GPL.

    The oscilloscope and waveform generator are described on the Syscomp web
    page at

    Peter D. Hiscocks
    Professor Emeritus, Ryerson University
    Phone: 647-839-0325
    Academic URL:
    Business URL: Syscomp Electronic Design Limited
    (USB Oscilloscope and Generator)
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