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Audio Choke?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Paul Horwood, May 5, 2005.

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  1. Paul Horwood

    Paul Horwood Guest


    I have a question regarding a radio reciever. Now I know I can do this
    another way but here is the idea.

    The recieved radio signal is embedded deep within noise. Is it possible to
    take the audio signal and use a choke or something to kill the noise so that
    just the signal can then be heard and amplified?

    I don't really want to tamper with the innerds of the radio... Still under

  2. Dave

    Dave Guest

    I take it you have a weak AM station? You are basically describing a tone
    control, but they do it with capacitors (the opposite of a choke)- you could
    use a choke but a capacitor is cheaper. You would get more bass with a
    choke in series or capacitor in parallel with speaker (this is normally done
    at the preamp stage). Putting capacitor in parallel with speaker would
    lower impedance and may blow amp, so choke might work if you are lucky and
    it is adjustable. I would descibe your situation better and you might get
    better advice...if you have preamp outputs would use an audio
    equalizer...if weak AM signal a better antenna try ham radio forums...if 60
    cycle hum that's another problem.
  3. Guest

    no, because the noise is at the same frequency as the audio. Same is
    true at rf.

    You can cut the higher audio frequencies, since that will remove a lot
    of noise while still leaving the audio intelligible.

  4. I read in that wrote (in
    Intelligibility drops off rapidly as the cut-off frequency is reduced
    below 4 kHz. The subjective impression of the sound can be improved by
    cutting the low frequencies as well. 3dB down at 250 Hz and 4 kHz gives
    a reasonably 'balanced' sound quality.
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