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audio amplifier- recommedations

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Leo Tick, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. Leo Tick

    Leo Tick Guest

    This is a sort of repair question. On a site I wish to use the volume is
    too low even when all available controls are set to max. Earphones are
    marginal speakers would need a hearing aid. I realize this a a software
    problem (widows and all browsers likely the site) I believe that
    solution path is not available . It's not the sound hardware since other
    sources are quite loud. ISTM that an audio amplifier is a good solution.
    I only need about a doubling of the current volume and since this is
    only speech, wide band is not needed. Can someone suggest a simple that
    means -cheap device. A kit would be fine. What specs do I need after all
    the input level is not low and in truth I dont need a power supply as I
    have the computer power or a box full of cubes.
    All suggestion are appreciated.
  2. It's not a repair issue.

    It's a basic question. So if you are asking about building an amplifier,
    or the concept, you ask in sci.electronics.basics If you are asking about a
    commercially made amplifier, then you ask in one of the newsgroups in the* Likely there are even other places to ask, but laziness
    has made you ask in a newsgroup that is about the repair of electronic

  3. Guest

    Just reducing the feedback in the existing speaker amp would work.

  4. GregS

    GregS Guest

    Any outside amplifier capable of boosting the voltage about 3 times will
    be twice as loud.

  5. Bob Urz

    Bob Urz Guest

    This is a computer generated sound?
    If its a PC go into the mixer applet and boost the level when your
    using it. You might have to boost both the channel and the master
    if needed.


    Earphones are
  6. Just use the cheapest amplified speaker you can find. Here's one at
    Radio Shack for $13 > Catalog #: 55014862 If the earphone output of
    your pc isn't enough, tap the speaker output.
  7. Leo Tick

    Leo Tick Guest

    Sounds grand BUT (this is a PC) the volume in the display which has
    speakers is at max , the "slider" on the stuff displayed by the site is
    on max. The windows mixer has every thing on max. Where is this applet?
  8. Leo Tick

    Leo Tick Guest

  9. Bob Urz

    Bob Urz Guest

    Win XP hit start, then click on Volume control.

    or hit control panel, then click on sounds and audio device.

    YOu might post the URL to see if anyone else has this trouble.

  10. Radiosrfun

    Radiosrfun Guest

    Not that this is a <correct> fix by any means, I've found the same of my
    "new" computer. Play an Audio CD through it - to give yourself some audio to
    use as a test signal, have your speakers turned up. Then go to the master
    volume control - via the tool bar OR Control Panel, and adjust that down to
    about 1/2 way or so - a tad either way of there - will give you your full
    volume. I'm not sure why that is working that way, but that is my remedy as
    it is. When "it" is set at full volume, it doesn't work.
  11. Radiosrfun

    Radiosrfun Guest

    with the bottom notch being number one on the master volume setting, mine is
    at #3 - and with my speakers adjusted for volume per my desire, I get all
    the audio this thing can muster.
  12. Leo Tick

    Leo Tick Guest

    I am afraid that I wasn't too clear. I don't have a global sound volume
    failure. CDs and system sounds are plenty loud. The problem arises with
    both firefox and IE and a site (in this case a French one). Most likely
    it is the site. When I haveloads of time on hand I will try to capture
    the file and try to play it without a plugin then I could proceed but
    that requires a skill I have little interest in acquiring.

    Looking through my stuff I found a pair of powered speakers. Set for
    full the sound is too low. Pluging in earphones gets me an acceptable
    volume Thanks Bennett Price. If I want to have the site through speakers
    I'll need a more powerful amplifier maybe a French one!
    Thanks again
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