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Auction Nov 4th.

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by pete, Nov 2, 2004.

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  1. pete

    pete Guest

    Large qty of VHF and UHF FM two way radio equipment, including
    handhelds, mobiles, and base station equipment, mostly Motorola.
    Includes Multicouplers, diplexers, cavity filters, resonators. Motorola
    MICOR repeaters, MSF5000UHF, SYNTOR UHF, qty of SYNTRX UHF mobile,
    PAC-RT, TAC, Motorola handhelds incl. GP300 Radius, Expo, Visar,
    MX330,340, 350, MT1000, MTX838, HT600. Philips 814, 828, 900, 92. AWA
    RT80/85, FM722 base etc.Kenwood TK300, Power supplies, racks, charger
    stations etc. Qty Electrodata solid state voice loggers.

    OTHER ITEMS: Various electronic test equip. incl HP 8410A etc.Network
    analsyer, transmission test set, Tek, W& G SN23 microwave spectrum
    analysers, HP 8970B NF meter, HP 86320A 20GHz sweep, HP 8445A
    preselect, 8445A/059 track gen, R&S NAP+Z8 2Kw digital swr, HP 3478A
    DMM, Fluke 1520 meg.meter, OSCILLOSCOPES Tek 464, 475, 7633, 5440,
    7834, Philips PM3055, Gould DSO450.

    OTHER items incl. Qty bankruptcy stock of catalogue electronics e.g.
    Jaycar, Datatakers, access.
    updated catalogue wed 3rd. Adelaide SA
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