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ATX power supply fan noisy.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by David Farber, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Ian Jackson

    Ian Jackson Guest

    Regardless of what it was developed for, WD40 does leave an oily layer.
    It penetrates well, and prevents/halts rust. It also serves as a
    sort-term lubricant. Despite what the purists might say, it does work
    well as a switch cleaner/lubricant.
    It's the type in a small metal tin with a plastic nozzle - the very same
    tin I've had on a shelf at the back of the garage for about 40 years. I
    haven't a clue what the official grade is, other than its the general
    purpose domestic stuff, like you'd use for oiling door hinges and
    bicycle chains. And latterly, of course, computer fans.
  2. UCLAN

    UCLAN Guest

  3. mm

    mm Guest

    Radio shack has a great webpage in many ways, but one enormous flaw is
    that if you click on a link, it might say the part is out of stock,
    even when stores have it.

    I signed up to get an eamil when their remote A-B switch was back in
    stock, and after months I got it, and figured well maybe it's also at
    a store now too. So I went in and they had two and the clerk said
    they had never been out of them.

    He was very confident, and I had gone in the same day I got the email.
    It seems unlikely they had in stock items actually shipped for the
    same reason they sent me the email. They probably did have them all

    So to with the item above. It says it's out of stock, but when I
    click on Find it in STores, it gives 10 stores around here that it
    seems to say has it. I'd call some stores and see.

  4. Ian Jackson

    Ian Jackson Guest

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not 'recommending' WD40 or 3-in-1 bicycle oil
    for lubricating computer fans. It's just that I needed something, and
    those were what I had immediately at hand. The sky did not fall, and
    continues not to do so.
  5. Ian Jackson

    Ian Jackson Guest

    It's a funny old world. The things that some people swear BY are often
    exactly the same things that others swear AT!
  6. UCLAN

    UCLAN Guest

    I like the "3-in-1" spray on lithium grease because I can reach hard to
    get to places with the spray tube, yet it dries with the consistency of
    regular lithium grease.
  7. UCLAN

    UCLAN Guest

    As with all websites (Petco, Best Buy, Home Depot, etc.) information
    given for a product (availability, price, etc.) is for the website
    ONLY! There is no way a website can pretend to keep up with the stock
    details of thousands of retail stores. And only in a minority of cases
    does a retail store match the price of a website. Only a fool would
    think that a website saying "out-of-stock" would necessarily mean that
    a retail store in BF, Iowa, was also out of stock.

    I just bought a nice vinyl screen door (I'm 200' from the ocean) from
    Home Depot that wasn't even available on their website. Apples and
  8. mm

    mm Guest

    The first paragraph is a digression. OTOH, you've digressed by
    bringing up other websites as if one could deduce what RS is like by
    knowing a little about what they are like. It's true that
    many websites act almost like the stores don't exist. For example,
    the discussion of warrantee on one was not accurate wrt to purchases
    made at a store. And Home Depot and Lowes have terrible pages in
    general. Once I looked at kitchen faucets at a nearby Lowes, where
    they had 8 models that I could have used. When I wanted to review
    them later that day, the website showed none at that location, and it
    was hard to find out about any other location. Lowes used to ask what
    zipcode the user lived in and then pick a store near there and call it
    his home store. If they didn't have what he wanted in that store, the
    computer user had to come up with another zipcode and see if the store
    there had it. They've improved slightly. Now it looks iirc at my
    "home store" and then the two stores nearest my home store. But I
    have a car. Just tell me the closest store that has it and if I'll go
    there now if it's important enough, or maybe I'll be nearby soon. --
    I apologize. I have digressed.

    I gather you have posted without knowing much about the radio shack
    website. One of the reasons I called it a great webpage is that it
    does indeed "pretend to keep up with the stock ....of its retail
    stores." And not only that, afaict, it actually does keep up with
    them. I made a mistake when I needed the A-B switch of not checking
    the stores, so I'll never know what it said then, but in other
    situations, when I wanted something that day (unlike this switch which
    I knew I wouldn't use for weeks) I have looked for individual store
    information and what I found appeared to be correct when I got to the

    Of course I won't know what happens between the time I check the
    computer and the time I get to the store (although I could call and
    ask them to reserve it for me) and of course there is shoplifing etc.
    so actual stock doesn't always match inventory records, but with
    computers it's not hard at all to keep track of inventory for each
    store. They probably did it anyhow and then just made it available to
    Their own website? It's you who recommended a radio shack part. Do
    you think that RS doesn't charge the same price at the store as
    online?** And what does this have to do with the OP, who likely
    wouldn't quibble about a dollar or two when he hasn't been able to
    find what he wants anywhere else so far? **Plus they have free
    shipping to any participating store, which I'm sure is almost all of
    them. Since they have stores in almost every US state, they charge
    sales tax on internet orders too, I presume. If the store has it,
    it's just as good as online and it's quicker.
    So now you're going to call names. All this misinformation and
    irrelevancy about RS just to call me a fool!

    Anyhow, he'd think that if he figured the stores never stocked it at
    all, and would only have it if he had it shipped to the store.
    Because like you say, stores don't stock all the same things the
    warehouse does.
    You don't know much about Radio Shack.
  9. UCLAN

    UCLAN Guest

    ??? Whose first paragraph? Not mine. The word "all" includes even
    Radio Shack.
    Not at all true. I suggest you read the "ITEM AVAILABILITY" section
    of its website:

    "...Some items are either temporarily out-of-stock online (and may be
    available at your local RadioShack retail store)..."
    Gee, they even say they might not. From their online site:

    "...Prices advertised on this site are for online orders only."
    Well, I didn't call you a fool. I wrote that "only a fool would think..."
    If that description fits you, fine. If the shoe fits, as they say. As far
    as my "misinformation" goes, are you claiming that the information given
    at the site is incorrect?
    Apparently, much more than do you. I also know how to read fine print at
    a website, including Radio Shack's.
  10. Funnily enough, I've just replaced one of those today.
    Yeah, you can use a generic replacement but if it's powered 24/7 it
    won't last long. Find a good quality ball-bearing replacement from the
    likes of NMB-Mat, Panasonic or Papst. You'll be glad you did.
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