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ATX power supply control

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by ee_design, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. ee_design

    ee_design Guest

    Can any one tell me how to effect a simple on/off control of a standard
    ATX type power supply to use it on bench or for other projects? How
    does motherboard control this function?
  2. Connect the purple/green wires.

  3. Guest

    Unless it's from DELL.. same connector, different wires..
  4. Guest

    Pin 14 usually green gets grounded. Mike Dell has another idea about
    pin number but it is still the green
  5. jasen

    jasen Guest

    yeah it's green and black that you hook together,
    for details of which pins check a motherboard manual, green will be labeled
    pwr_on or something like that

    and black will be "gnd"
  6. Also to get regulation, it needs about 1 amp load on the 5 volt line. A 5
    ohm 15 watt resistor can do that. And if you want more voltage use multiple
    supplies, which you can connect in series with the condition that you open
    up the case and insulate the ground connection from the case ground. All
    but the first supply need modified this way. Then you can have available
    many amps depending on the supply used. Tie the 5 volt is series and you
    can get on 2 supplies 10 volt at 20 amps easy. More supplies of same unit
    just ups the voltage with same avail current. Be aware the the 12 and 5
    volt share the same ground still. JTT
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