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ATTN: Reinhart

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Swizzle, Jul 11, 2003.

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  1. Swizzle

    Swizzle Guest

    I was going to email this to you, but I received a message saying you were
    not accepting mail. So this will have to do -

    I've noticed your a very active member in the group and appear to be very
    knowledgeable with a lot of technical problems. By any chance do you
    have/or have access to repair guides for video game consoles. I had a
    friend in the past who worked for FuncoLand in the refurbishing department
    so I was lucky enough to get guides for repairs in the past. However,
    FuncoLand was purchased by GameStop and all my inside connections were
    cut. I've been trying to find someone with the inside information for a
    long time. Unfortunately, nice technicians at the companies I've been
    trying to look up (GameStop and Best Buy) are hard to get ahold of.
    Anyways, if you do have access to such guides, or just information in
    general I would be very grateful for anything you can share.

    Thanks a lot for your time.

  2. By any chance do you
    Unfortunately, I don't. I've learned a lot of this stuff as I went along. -
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