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atmel avr fat32 speed

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Jacob, Feb 1, 2004.

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  1. Jacob

    Jacob Guest

    Does anyone know how fast an atmel avr stream wave files from an ata
    I need this for an application which plays wave files (1.3 MBit/Sec.)
    from a harddisk via a spi d/a transducer.
    the avr has a computing power of about 16 Mips and i doubt if it will
    cope with 1.3 MBit.
    Thanks for an answer,
  2. How does the AVR come into the game, is that your own choice?

    IMHO, talking to a harddisk is not the right task for an AVR and MIPS
    ratings are going to be amongst the smaller of your problems. Worry
    about software first, I'd recommend. Remember, you'll have to deal with
    a filesystem before you can even get at the wave file. A substantial
    amount of buffering is also going to be necessary, and that needs RAM.
    All this is rather alien to an AVR.
  3. Well, their are IDE FAT16 and FAT32 libraries now for the ATmega's .. a lot of
    people are starting to use them with the FAT file systems (HD's, MMC's, CF cards

    You'll be pushed to get a sustained 1.3Mb/s from the AVR though, though the spi
    and serial ports can do just over 3Mb/s and 2Mb/s resp.

    'Maintaining' 1.3Mb/s is the problem, bursting over that is pretty easy.


  4. Take a small CPLD for the timing and buffering.
    Implement a a FIFO with some samples depth.

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