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ATMEGA2560//Atmel Doccumentation Error?

Discussion in 'Microcontrollers, Programming and IoT' started by Fish4Fun, Mar 2, 2016.

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  1. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun So long, and Thanks for all the Fish!

    Aug 27, 2013
    In the Data Sheet for the ATMEGA2560 the following code example is given to initialize a UART:

    Assembly Code Example(1)
    ; Set baud rate
    sts UBRRnH, r17
    sts UBRRnL, r16
    ldi r16, (1<<U2Xn)
    sts UCRnA, r16
    ; Enable receiver and transmitter
    ldi r16, (1<<RXENn)|(1<<TXENn)
    sts UCSRnB,r16
    ; Set frame format: 8data, 1stop bit
    ldi r16, (2<<UMSELn)|(3<<UCSZn0)
    sts UCSRnC,r16
    (Taken from Page 211, 2549P–AVR–10/2012)
    Great News....It works! However, later on in the documentation.....

    The UMSELn Table Breakdown of the UCSRnC Registers shows:

    Table 22-4. UMSELn Bits Settings
    UMSELn1 UMSELn0 Mode
    0 0 Asynchronous USART
    0 1 Synchronous USART
    1 0 (Reserved)
    1 1 Master SPI (MSPIM)
    (Taken from Page 225, 2549P–AVR–10/2012)
    When it is all said and done, $86 is the most commonly used setting for RS232-TTL type comm, which obviously shows UCSRnC.7 as being Set and USCRnC.6 as being cleared....But the results of the "example code" work perfectly, LoL! Not a huge deal until you run into a comm port that isn't responding correctly and you are pulling your hair out attempting to get it to work.....

    For giggles i will point out that the ACTUAL PROBLEM I was having had nothing to do with my code or the UART settings.....Turns out the last batch of ARDUINO 2560 Clones I received have a silkscreen error! LoL, the Rx and Tx pins are mislabeled on UART1 (simply reversed).....It turns out that there isn't a register setting to make the Rx line transmit!

    I caught the apparent Atmel Documentation Error while attempting to figure out why I couldn't Tx to a slave device.....Likely the documentation has been updated, or there has been a "Notice" of some sort about the apparent error, but I found the Actual Problem before I found any reference to the contradiction.....

    Six hours of my life wasted....but other than that no real harm or foul.


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