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ATmega16 programmer circuit

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by eden, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. eden

    eden Guest

    I posted about this circuit
    some months ago. Back then I thought I cleared all mysteries, but it
    seems I still have some problems.

    I have put together all parts, but using uisp program I can't see the
    ATmega16 chip, so I guess I must have wired something wrong.

    First, I realize that I used wrong capacitors for C3 and C4, instead
    100n I took 10n. Could this be the problem? If I measure the voltage
    after IC2 it seems correct.

    Second, I wonder now, do I have to put some GNDs together, like the one
    near C1 and C2 with the one near C3? And maybe also the one coming out
    from pin 11 from IC1?

    When I asked first time about the circuit, I was confused by the 3 VCC
    symbols, and then most agreed that they all should be joint, and I did

    Do somebody see some catch here, what could I be doing wrong?
    Thanks for any help.
  2. JimW52

    JimW52 Guest

    You need to connect all grounds together.

  3. eden

    eden Guest

  4. JimW52

    JimW52 Guest

    Yes, ALL gnds must be joined together, also all vccs should be joined
    together. If you think about it,. how would say the LED work if its
    ground connection was disconnected. There would be no current flow and
    so no light.

    Note that VCC_OUT needs to be connected to the points marked VCC. This
    is obviously an error in the diagram. Also AVCC needs to connect to VCC
    and AGND needs to connect to GND.

    For better programming options have a look at


  5. eden

    eden Guest

    Thank you very much Jim. I am still quite new and some things are still
    confusing me.
    Of course, if I can't make it work I will look for something like
    ponyprog, but I wanted to try this by my self, like learning curve for
    both electronics and embedded programming.

    Thank you once more,
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