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AT ATAPI Hard Disks

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Richard Harris, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. Hi,
    Im trying to locate a specialist in hard disks, I need some information
    on physical disk geometry.

    I know that CHS addressing does not directly translate to physical track
    location, due to the fact that each track on the disk holds a different
    number of sectors from the previous as you work your self out from the
    centre of the disk. Do all AT disks use a similar physical addressing
    translation or is it specific to each vendors. Basicly I want to be write an
    algorithm that will alow me to address each track and the sectors on each
    track. Is this possible? Will hard drive manufactures give the details
    required to make this possible and will it have to be done seperatly for
    each vendors specific hard disk?

    BTW, is this the right place to ask this sort of question ?

  2. BW

    BW Guest

    Hi, gives some information on the
    software/HD interface side of things, but I'm not sure that's going to be
    useful to you. My limited understanding is that the drives themselves
    convert from logical addresses to physical ones internally, and the drive
    geometry varies between drives, and is hidden from the O/S.
    Maybe it could be possible to determine the geometry by timing?
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