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Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe Backplate Questions.

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Skybuck, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. Skybuck

    Skybuck Guest


    I have two questions about the backplate of the Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe

    Especially about the red 1:

    Are the clips supposed to go into or over the ethernet ports ?

    Pictures at:

    Short link:

    Question 2:

    Is the clip near the red 2 supposed to go into or over.

    I think the answers might be:

    1. Into.

    2. Over.

    I am not sure about 1 though.

  2. Bhagat Gurtu

    Bhagat Gurtu Guest

    You truly are a fuckwit aren't you.
  3. Skybuck

    Skybuck Guest

    Questions about these clips:

    1. What is the purpose of these clips ?

    Possible answers I can think of:

    If the clips are supposed to go inside:

    1. Help eject ethernet plugs.

    2. Take away any additional electricity from ethernet plugs. (ground
    them ?)

    (In the past when I touched the ethernet plug coming from the older
    cable modem I could feel electricity ).

    If the clips are supposed to go over:

    1. Same as 2 above. Take away electricity (ground the plugs ?)

    2. "Stabilize"/extra grip for backplate. The backplate is simply
    plugged into the casing... so these clips could be ment for "extra
    grip". However there is also some extra grip on the sides of the
    plate. "The plate clicks into the casing".

    Kinda strange these clips.

    I stuck these clips into the ethernet ports.

    So new theory:

    Electricity from ethernet plugs got onto the clips, then travelled via
    the backplate over the plastic of the motherboard and git some
    electronics ;)

    ^^^ stray electricity/cross talk ^^^

    (It's far away from the bios chip though, maybe motherboard is
    completely dead, I am in the process of ordering new bios chips ;))


  4. Altijd "over" de connector.
    M.a.w. de clips blijven te allen tijde binnen de kast en klemmen aan
    de bovenkant van de RJ45 connector.
    De enige functie die je aan deze clips mag toekennen is een degelijke
    elektrisch geleidende verbinding te bewerkstelligen tussen de metalen
    kap van de RJ45 connector naar de behuizing van de PC.
    Of de PC nu wel of niet voorzien is van randaarde, zal de behuizing
    van de RJ45 connector altijd op hetzelfde virtuele aardpunt hangen als
    de behuizing van de PC.
    Je vermijdt hiermee eventuele spanningverschillen tussen de behuizing
    van de RJ45 connector en de behuizing van de PC en je weet dat
    spanningsverschillen tussen verschillende aardingspunten, hoe klein
    ook, funest kunnen zijn voor de betrouwbaarheid van je PC.

  5. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

  6. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    Do not dis the guy just because he does not know beans from duck eggs.
  7. Skybuck

    Skybuck Guest


    I have now two dutch people saying:

    1. The clips go on top of/over the connectors.

    2. The clips have something to do with grounding the case, connectors

    3. The clips can also prevent rattling.

    This information is from:

    Jaap and somebody who contacted me via e-mail and who has worked at a
    computer shop and has build pc's for 5 years :)

    Finally I inspected the ethernet ports plug design and it doesn't seem
    logical for the iron/metal things to go inside the plugs... because
    the metal clips are way to wide.

    Besides it isn't really necessary for it to go inside to help eject
    plugs because the plugs have a plastic clip which is more than enough
    to help keep the plugs in place ;)

    Finally I looked at photographs/pictures I took from my PC before
    disassembly and the clips went over/on top of the connectors =D

    So fortunately for me I came to the correct conclusion when I build my
    pc :)

    I had to wait for the americans to wake up and arrive at work.

    I called asus support line in holland and germany, holland is for
    notebooks only, germany did not pick up the phone, I also tried
    calling japan or something but didn't work and finally I called usa.

    I have also learned how to pronounce asus the american way :)


    They say it really sweatly :)

    I always said like:

    Ass-sus :)




    Anyway back to the phone story...

    Finally at 15:14 dutch time, the Americans work at work and picked up
    the phone, automated voices as was in germany, but usa have more
    options... finally very nice guy on phone after 10 minutes of waiting
    got patched through to bios department, they didn't pick up phone,
    said some e-mail address ofcourse couldn't write it down, didn't
    repeat, please leave address after the peep... to weird for me... and
    finally a little handy tip:

    helpdesk at asus dot com.

    A website section for rma and bios stuff...

    However their bios stuff section appears to be a "new website feature"
    and it's not as thorough/detailed as I would hope... so I am not gonna
    order from them...

    Seems too newby like. :)

    So I am hoping/relieing on third party people to send my new bios chip
    for now :)

    All-in-all interesting experience.. though asus support kinda a total
    mess but I can understand... so many products etc...

    I would recommend a simple e-mail support department for them...

    Much simpler then websites, phone support and god knows what ;)

  8. nospam

    nospam Guest

    No, dis the stupid f*ck because he keeps crossposting his dumb questions to
    irrelevant newsgroups.
  9. Bhagat Gurtu

    Bhagat Gurtu Guest

    Yes, the human penis is a sensitive instrument indeed ... you wanker.
  10. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

  11. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Chassis ground.

  12. Skybuck

    Skybuck Guest

    The third party's want me to hand over cash before I have even
    received any goods ;)

    That's not the way I do bussiness over the internet :) (I only pay on

    So my last option is to ask asus to send me a new bios chip free of
    charge instead of me RMA-ing the motherboard. I am trying to save us
    all a lot of work and money.

    The moment of thruth is nearing, well at least concerning the bios

    Otherwise I will have no choice bad to RMA the motherboard and hope
    for the best :)
  13. JackShephard

    JackShephard Guest

    That is what you are supposed to do, idiot. Send the board to THEM in
    the ESD bag it came in.

    They are NOT going to send you a chip, you cross posting troll retard.
  14. Royal Flush

    Royal Flush Guest

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  15. Indeed it is Royal.
    Nunya Bidness aka MassiveProng aka Great Attractor aka JackShephard
    aka Jack Shephard aka God only knows what else.

    He changes his sock puppets more often than a whore changes her

    Sorry he is still trolling your gambling group.I'd say ignore him and
    he will move away ,but as you know, he just gets worse.
  16. Craig Sutton

    Craig Sutton Guest

    You still havn't tested another power supply..!! go to your local store get
    a cheap p/s if your machine boots up problem is solved. Take the newly
    bought one back and order a brand new decent one.

    Then come in here and post your apology for fulling this group with your
    noise about bios chips and static.
  17. Skybuck

    Skybuck Guest

    You still havn't tested another power supply..!! go to your local store get
    It's a high quality power supply.

    The green light is burning.

    The only thing using power is the motherboard.

    I did not plug in the extra 4 pins though.

    I tested motherboard only and no beeps.

    So motherboard probably dead !

  18. Craig Sutton

    Craig Sutton Guest

    Yes doesn't stop it from failing.
    Doesn't mean anything other than getting some voltage.

    not really

    Beeps won't indicate a problem with the voltage levels from a dodgy power
    If it powers up it ain't dead.
  19. Skybuck

    Skybuck Guest

    Precisely my point, so probably bios dead ! :)

  20. Craig Sutton

    Craig Sutton Guest

    Did you understand any of what I actually wrote?
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