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ASUS A7J laptop got wet (turned on) NO go now

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Tony Leathem, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. Tony Leathem

    Tony Leathem Guest

    A friend of a friend dropped his laptop around today. Totally dead,
    apparently he got it wet (don't want to know how). Took it too a local PC
    repairer????. Who promptly switched it on while it was still wet, owner said
    it went for half a second and died a painful death.

    I would like to pull it apart and see if I can find the reason for the no

    I would really appreciate a PDF service manual if available to enable me to
    pull it apart without tearing the rest of my hair out

    Any help always appreciated

    Thank you

  2. -=Spudley=-

    -=Spudley=- Guest

    I would suggest that if someone is not competent enough to pull the unit
    apart without having a PDF service manual to aid them in doing so, then that
    person is certainly not competent enough to fix it.
  3. Tony Leathem

    Tony Leathem Guest

    I would suggest you go f*ck yourself, MORON. I would rather have the service
    manual to pull something apart than break
    the bloody thing by forcing apart the mechanism, But your input is greatly
    appreciated, F*ck you very much



    Any help always appreciated
  4. Den

    Den Guest

    I think -=Spunky=- may be Phil's brother :)

    Can't help on the service manual - there are some bits & pieces here:

    Try some torrent searching - I found service manuals for a HP laptop that
  5. -=Spudley=-

    -=Spudley=- Guest

    I can readily see that your mentality springs forth from within your
    inability to converse without the use of expletives.
    No wonder you can't pull the thing apart without the aid of a manual, I
    suggest you are doing your friend a great disservice by attempting to do so.
    Swear at the sucker, that might enduce it to pop open upon demand.

    For your assistance, most of the ASUS Laptops that I've worked on require
    the Keyboard to be removed to get to the screws that secure the top cover to
    the main board.
    I think they design them like Chinese puzzles to keep the unqualified
    backyarders out.
  6. -=Spudley=-

    -=Spudley=- Guest

    Wash your mouth out with soap and water.

    Who's "-=Spunky=-"
    Or were you just trying to seduce me? :)
  7. Jeßus

    Jeßus Guest

    Watch out Spuddles... looks like you have a bum-puncher looking for a
    date - and I don't mean the kind you go out on...
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