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Astron RS-50A Power Supply

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by George S, Apr 27, 2004.

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  1. George S

    George S Guest

    Someone gave me a Astron RS-50A power supply. The largest capacitor in it
    has been overheated at sometime and the positive post is loose in it. The
    power supply still produces 13.6 volts, but I didn't test it with a load. I
    tried to email Astron from their website for information and my email
    bounced back.
    Does anyone know what size and value these large caps are or how to find
    Thanks, George
  2. Zeljko

    Zeljko Guest

  3. Guest

    The RS-70A uses a 2200uf cap at 16 volts. It probably is the same for
    the 50.
  4. Guest

    CORRECTION. Upon further investigation with a better print, this time
    a RS-35A, the cap is a 2200uf at 18volts.
  5. George S

    George S Guest

    Thank you for the link. It had the schematic for the RS-50 and the cap I
    need is a 100K 25 volt. It is a only about 3 5/8" tall and 2" wide so I'm
    looking through my supplier catalogs now.
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