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Assorted TTL pinouts - program to display them?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by phil, Apr 22, 2004.

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  1. phil

    phil Guest

    Does there exist a free program which will enable me to select a
    particular TTL from a list and then display the pinout of the TTL
    along with which pins are inputs and which are outputs?

  2. These programs you seek are called books. They used to be in print
    version from the IC manufacturers, though I imagine if they aren't
    merely web-based these days then they are on CDROM. I've bought
    plenty over the years, for minimal amounts, at amateur radio club
    fleamarkets, and even used booksales put on by local community groups.
    For that matter, I got a spare Texas Instrument TTL databook out of
    a recycling bin; it was lying on top.

    There was a time when such information was often in books that you'd
    pay good money for, though I suspect most of them have faded out. I
    think Don Lancaster's TTL Cookbook is still in print, because he
    prints it these days, and it devoted a page to each of the common
    TTL ICs at the time of publication thirty years ago (I don't know if
    the later editions added newer ICs), with pinouts and little bits of
    important information on each. Sort of a condensation of the manufacturer's
    databooks, with the key bits of info the hobbyist would need. And of
    course, the rest of the book is a "cookbook" of commonly needed subcircuits,
    so you know how to wire that divider up to get an odd division.

    Of course, you can just poke around on the internet. The datasheets
    are bound to be there, though you'd retrieve them one at a time, and
    they may be in pdf form. Putting the device number into a search
    engine usually finds them.

    Or, download a copy of GIICM, which is merely a text file, and use
    it locally. It has the pinouts on commonly used ICs, including the 7400
    series. I just put "GIICM" into a search engine, and the first hit
    was I don't know if
    that's the main site, and if you poke around, you may find one
    all zipped up so you can download it, and then unzip it into
    the proper pages of html.

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