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ASCII Editor

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by garyr, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. garyr

    garyr Guest

    There was a thread on the above subject on Dec 27. I mentioned that I
    written such a program and if there was any interest I would update the
    copy on my ISP server. There was and I did and posted an announcement
    to that effect on Dec 30. There have been no replies to that post so I
    assume, because it appeared immediately before the holiday, that it was
    overlooked by those few who might have been interested in it. If so, it
    be found here:
  2. Tom

    Tom Guest

    Your program looks like it could use a better way of drawing
    connections, I believe a similar program called AACircuit (first or
    second hit in Google goes to the homepage) does this more conveniently,
    maybe you can get some inspiration from that...

  3. Guest

    Tried it but gave up. I'm on Win2k so I don't know if this is an OS
    compatibility issue. I just can't get the cursor to go where I wanted.
    It works fine if all you want to use are the predefined graphics but it
    doesn't work when I just want use the plain old keyboard. I had to use
    a workaround of placing a single 'line' where I wanted to type to get
    the cursor where I wanted. I believe that an ASCII editor should first
    and foremost be a text editor and have 'graphic' handling capabilities
    as an added feature (remember, this is me, the one who draws schematics
    using windows notepad).
  4. garyr

    garyr Guest

    I attempted to point out in my Dec. 30 post that this program
    is not a text editor. It's just a program that facilitates the
    manipulation of objects selected from a set figures composed
    of ASCII characters. I used that term in the subject field
    because that was the subject of the original Dec. 27 post.

    I think you are having problems because of a misconception
    of how text entry is handled. The text entry mode begins
    when the first character is entered and is indicated by a
    different cursor. The cursor moves to the right as the
    characters are entered, indicating where the next character
    will be placed. The cursor can be moved with the mouse
    while in this mode but it has no effect except to terminate
    the mode when the menu bar or the listbox is clicked.
    Text entry may also be terminated by pressing the escape
    key. A block of text may be moved, copied or deleted but
    not edited.
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