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Art of electronics ... 3rd edition?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Paul Rosen, Feb 8, 2004.

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  1. Paul Rosen

    Paul Rosen Guest

    Hi @ll

    I have found in a german group, that the 3rd editon of the book
    "Horowitz, Hill - art of electronics" shall be released in march 2004.
    This means, next month. Does anybody know something about this?
  2. Paul Rosen wrote...
    urban myth

    - Win

  3. <Bugs Bunny mode ON>

    Ah... whadda you know, buddy?

    <Bugs Bunny mode OFF>
  4. Paul Rosen

    Paul Rosen Guest

    Oooooooooooh, that seems to be the author himself. :-O .
    Never thought to see him here.
    This should be the most authoritative disclosure, I ever could get
    elsewhere. :)
  5. Ben Bradley

    Ben Bradley Guest

    In, Winfield Hill
    And there's a Bob Dylan song about a man in prison, "I shall be
    I searched for "art of electronics" at and I get:

    Are the NEA, NPR, PBS, and Sesame Street in danger of extinction due
    to government cutbacks?

    Can CD sound quality be improved with green marking pens?

    Did a hip-hop group release an album depicting an exploding World
    Trade Center on the cover?

    None of which have any info on any alleged release date of a book.

    A search on gives the same "Internal Server Error"
    error that it's been giving for months. But wait, there's this:

    No, it's not Janet Jackson's you-know-what, it's an expose' on
    those urban legends sites. Looks like News2020 might be right.

    Maybe I should get off this Usenet thing (it's nothing but
    unsubstantiated urban legends anyway) and go through that 2nd Edition,
    looking for (more) duplicated circuits. And if I'm not careful, I
    might learn something...
  6. uh, why is the expose posted on the very site they claim they're
    trying to expose?
  7. Yes; it's a proof that you shouldn't believe anything you read on Usenet
    without confirmation.

    Alternatively, maybe that's 2004 on the Muslim calendar. (;-)
  8. You are obviously a new inmate of this mad-house. Welcome!
  9. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    Sure, I can confirm it. I just received a brandy-new copy of the 2nd
    edition from Amazon last Thursday. Based on past experience, three days
    later is about when I would expect to hear that publication of the 3rd
    edition is imminent. 'Course, I could be wrong...
  10. Sure, I can confirm it. I just received a brandy-new copy of the 2nd
    Just in case you are right, could you send Winfried a copy? Might save
    him a lot of writing!

    Wouter van Ooijen

    -- ------------------------------------
    PICmicro chips, programmers, consulting
  11. ^^^^ield
  12. Paul Rosen

    Paul Rosen Guest

    :-D Burst out laughing is good for the health.
  13. I received my copy of AoE 2nd Edition today (see Win, I did bite the
    bullet at the end). After my first skimming through it I can't hold back
    a few comments and questions, now that I know that one of the authors is

    o It is a very useful book. I particularly like the easy-going style.
    It complements nicely the German Tietze/Schenk, which is a similar
    heavyweight (>1400 pages), but more rigorous, with more mathematics.
    (Has that ever been translated to English?)

    o Being educated as a computer scientist, I could not resist looking at
    the digital/computer parts first. It is quite apparent here that the
    book was written 15 years ago.

    o I tried to imagine what the future 3rd edition could possibly look
    like. I couldn't. There's such a lot of stuff that I would want to put
    in there that the book would explode. Things to include would be:
    Electronic design using HDL (VHDL, Verilog). FPGAs. Newer interfaces
    like USB, Firewire, PCI, Serial ATA, IrDA, Bluetooth, Wireless Ethernet.
    Cell phone technologies. DSP. Sigma-Delta Converters. Microcontroller
    programming in high level language. Multithreading kernels. Fuzzy logic
    (?). SPI and I²C buses. Circuit simulation (SPICE, IBIS). I could go on.
    How's that ever going to fit into one book? Win, haven't you despaired yet?

    o Math review on three pages. Cool.

    o The entire Chapter 12 is a testament to the down-to-earth character
    of the book. No "rigorous" scientific oevre would bother itself with
    this practical stuff. (Badly needs updating, though)

    o Although there's a bibliography with some minimal commentary in the
    appendix, I'd find it more useful to include footnotes in the normal
    text for pointing out additional sources of advice/information on the
    topic at hand. Maybe this can also be factored out to an accompanying
    web page.

    o Did we only have a handful of logic families in 1989? I can hardly
    believe it today! The sheer number of different logic families today
    makes the head spin and cries out for a road map.

    Ok, enough for now. I've got some reading to do...
  14. Leeper

    Leeper Guest

    Mine is 1980, reprinted in 1981. Has the book changed much since then?
  15. Leeper wrote...
    That's the first edition. The 2nd was dramatically larger and different.

    - Win

  16. Guy Macon

    Guy Macon Guest

    Is there an errata sheet for _The Art of Electronics_?
    I looked at and didn't find
    one. I have ever found an error in it, so perhaps it doesn't
    have an errata sheet...
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