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Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Dirk Bruere at NeoPax, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. The distributors.
    I have not come across a more useless bunch of wankers in the
    distribution business.

    Me: Hi, do you have this part xxxx?
    Them: Do you have an account?
    Me: No, but if you have the part we will open an account to purchase.
    Them: You need an account.
    Me: I just need to know whether you stock the item.
    Them: You need an account.

    repeat ad nauseam.

    This is the second time in 15 years I've dealt with them. The first time
    I swore I'd never do it again (actually did not manage it the first time
    either, for similar reasons). I have learned my lesson.

    How such a bunch of total fuckwits ever manage to sell anything is
    beyond me.

    Dirk - The UK's only occult talk show
    Presented by Dirk Bruere and Marc Power on ResonanceFM 104.4
  2. TT_Man

    TT_Man Guest

    Try 1st Millennium, 0125 2518 580 ask for Steve,they just sourced a load of
    long lead time Atmel parts, 3 days delivery.
  3. Thanks.
    The best distributor I have come across in my 30yrs in the business has
    been the UK arm of Future Electronics.

    Dirk - The UK's only occult talk show
    Presented by Dirk Bruere and Marc Power on ResonanceFM 104.4
  4. TT_Man

    TT_Man Guest

    Interesting. I used to use them in Edmonton, AB .They were excellent too.
  5. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Sounds like the cheese shop sketch !

    And yes Wkipedia found it by typing in "cheese shop sketch" bless it.

  6. ian field

    ian field Guest

  7. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    Why call? P&A is available instantly on their web site, no
    registration required. And you get more info anyhow, like different
    temp grades and package choices, stuff that would be hard to learn on
    the phone.

    We buy a lot from Arrow, and they're OK for us.

  8. Phone them up every day and ask for spam!



  9. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest


    Bizarre isn't it ?

  10. What about Venezuelan Beaver cheese?
  11. mpm

    mpm Guest

    Why call? P&A is available instantly on their web site....

    That a Fine line here. At least to me.
    See this is where I really believe the original poster's comments are
    completely valid!!

    It seems a lot of Companies these days just chase the low-hanging
    They just don't want to work too hard for anything!!

    "Just check our website" it the modern day mantra.
    Sure, a lot of times, web content is really helpful stuff.
    But for those times you need a real person, or don't have time to sift
    through a poorly designed Web interface to find some hidden tucked
    away gem -- good luck!!

    Point #2 - This quickly morphs into a phenomenon I call: "Robotic
    Employees of low-hanging fruit companies are completely brainwashed
    free of all true Customer Service tendancies. They have a script, and
    they stick to it. (Any deviation if from it risks innovation, or dare
    I say... dedicated customer service!) Gasp!

    You can always spot these guys a mile away.
    And in the off chance you can't, I suggest you try losing your luggage
    with US Airways.

    BTW: We use Arrow here too; no troubles to report.

  12. John  Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    Hell, who does?
    Just go here

    and type a part number, 2N7002 for instance. Works fine, a whole lot
    easier than a phone call.

    If you do want to buy, get yourself assigned a sales rep. This isn't
    Mouser, so they probably don't want the hobbyist business.
    No sane person checks baggage with Useless Airways.

  13. SioL

    SioL Guest

    Same here, no problems whatsoever.
    Usually you check the first, than ask for a quote
    (which is usually better than the site says).

  14. We have a local computer retailer like that run by Hong Kong Chinese.

    "Not in stock. Check on website. NEXT!"
  15. Guest

    Me (on the phone to 6 different makers of voice coil linear

    Hello, I work at the university of Akron, I need a stock linear motor
    to move a 5 gram load one cm in N milliseconds time.

    REP or Marketing guy (never could get to a engineer) Will you be
    building the driver?, We dont usually supply drivers"

    Me, yes I can build the driver.

    Them : do you have experience building drivers for inductive loads?

    Me, yes I have used high speed closed loop galvanometer scanners for
    laser positioning for years, and just built a cap based linear sensor
    with 1 nm resolution.

    Them, Ok, sounds like you can build a driver/

    Them, how do you know your idea will work?

    Me, we have a prototype built on a speaker voice coil, but they dont
    hold up under the strain.

    How many will you need?

    Me, 5 to 10 to prototype with and then the company we are doing the
    research for will build gazzillions.

    Them, we'll call our main office and have a engineer review your
    specifications, and we will ge back to you tomarrow.

    ME (setting by phone for days) never hears a ring

    what the heck am I doing wrong?

    I get this with just about every vendor that has a web site , only to
    call them to find out all the listed products are vaporware and that
    marketing people seem to be in charge, cant even get a direct line to
    a engineer,Oh and thats if the phone number has a rare human on it,
    most sales
    organizations hide behind a voicemail system and claim they will call
    you back asap, we never hear from them! EVEN IF I FIB AND SAY I'M
    YOU DONT MAKE A SALE ? I cant order parts unless someone tells me a
    part number and terms!!!! ITS MADDENING.

    Steve Roberts (still looking for a fast voice coil!)

  16. I went through something very similar a while back.

    I had an overdue book. Being a nice guy, I went to the old library.

    To the right were two roman columns, across the top, in foot-high
    letters, carved into stone, were the words "FINE OFFICE". (These
    words were carved many decades ago, nowdays it wouldnt be something so
    simple an obvious).

    I walk into the office, it's dark and there appears to be a guy behind
    the counter. All I can see is the reflection of his eyeballs.

    I say "I want to pay a book fine"

    He blinks a few times..... "You want to...."

    "Pay a fine"

    "..... pppay? a fffine?"


    (he just blinks)

    A few more words were exchanged, but no useful information.
    I just said "never mind", having a low tolerance for total

    Never did return the book, or buy any cheese either.
  17. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    Don't know why people react that way, but try contacting a local rep,
    if they have one. The reps are often a lot more energetic at getting
    you info and quotes than the factory is.

  18. john jardine

    john jardine Guest

    Same here for 3 LVDT makers.
    Me. What's the energising frequency for your ABC device?
    Them. Don't know.
    Me. How can you design, manufacture, offer for sale yet not know essential
    Them. You buy the LVDT processing unit, it supplies the frequency.
    Me. Don't want a damned black box, you're not advertising black boxes,
    you're advertising nice LVDTs, I want a nice LVDT.
    Them. People no longer make custom black boxes, they buy them from us along
    with the LVDTs.
    Me. Bye

    It's called 'lock-in'. The modern way to make money y'know.
    (no, I didn't buy)
  19. Leon

    Leon Guest

    I don't use them very often but I've never had any problems with Arrow

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