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Army interferes with garage doors.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Reed, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. aemeijers

    aemeijers Guest

    (very interesting info snipped)

    No, the local PD/Fire system is a statewide 800 band Motorola p25
    trunked(which a lot of Federal users are jumping onto as well), with not
    enough towers, leading to multiple dead spots, especially in steel-frame
    buildings. Said dead spots aggravated by the insistence at running even
    routine comms encrypted.

    Thank heavens I don't have to deal with that mess. (My office has
    vanilla vhf with a very tall repeater- stone age, but works great.)I
    mostly spec and buy vanilla vhf, or trunked 380-412. Don't think I ever
    bought any MA/COM, though. Wherever possible, I am cutting our sites
    over from standalone systems to be tenants on host trunk system, so I
    buy what they can support locally. (lots of XTS5000, lately)

    aem sends...

  2. My thoughts exactly. ;) I could open my garage door from anywhere in the
  3. Dave Platt

    Dave Platt Guest

    I can't help envisioning the situation. Driver presses the "open"
    button, the car's engine labors and stalls under the load of powering
    the amplifier, and the garage door snaps open so fast that it rams
    right through the back of the garage and skims out into the yard like
    a Frisbee (tm).

  4. Have you ever looked at the circuitry in a garage door opener
    receiver? No pre-amp, not much more than a tuned circuit feeding the
    mixer. Some older units were TRF broadband, and used simple tone
  5. No, I've never taken one apaprt. I didn't realize that they were so simple,
    but then again I don't have a garage door opener, or a garage door for that


  6. Most of them are so poorly designed you wonder how they work, at all.

    I had a friend who owned a garage door business, and ended up
    repairing the things for a few years. I even repaired one of the '50s
    transmitters that was mounted under the hood of a car. What a piece of
  7. mm

    mm Guest

    Every day is a slow news day in Maryland. I miss NYC where the local
    news was often as interesting as the national news. Like when I rode
    my bicycle by the US mission to the UN and the door was bombed an hour
    later, iirc. Maybe it was a day later, but still.
    Thanks to everyone.

    If you are inclined to email me
    for some reason, remove NOPSAM :)
  8. Try the news in Orlando.. Nothing compared to NYC, but there is a shooting
    every night! Crime has been on the rise here for the last 4 years or so.
    I'd rather have no news and low crime.

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