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Ariston Washing Machine

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Steve 2E0NSP, Jul 13, 2004.

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  1. Steve 2E0NSP

    Steve 2E0NSP Guest

    Hi All,

    Firstly I realise this group isn't perhaps the best place to ask - but
    I couldn't think where else to ask (and have had great advice from here

    Quick question: We have just bought an Ariston AWD12S washing machine.
    This doesn't seem to be drawing hot water from the supply (but
    instantly goes for the cold - without even trying to use the hot

    The place we bought this from are being useless, and the manufacturer
    has told us that this machine doesn't draw water from the hot supply
    unless it really needs to - apparently it has an integral heating

    Well, we've put it on a hot wash - but the thing is so well insulated
    we can't tell if the drum is getting hot or not.

    Question is - is this normal nowadays? Do machine tend to have
    internal heating elements? If so - why have a hot supply?

    Or - are they just trying to avoid the fact it's broken?

    Any comments would be appreciated :)


    Bristol, UK
  2. Tim Mitchell

    Tim Mitchell Guest

    Yes it's normal

    They only take hot water on the hottest cycle (90 deg C). I think this
    is because they don't have control over the hot water temperature, so
    play it safe in case the hot is too hot for the cooler cycles. They can
    heat cold water but can't cool hot water.

    Even when they do use hot water, they hardly take enough to get the
    pipes warm.
  3. Ken Weitzel

    Ken Weitzel Guest

    Hi Steve...

    Don't know the brand at all, but I suspect you're being

    Would a quick test be to toss in an old towel or two,
    select hot, then turn off the cold supply? See if you
    get any water at all?

    I doubt that it tries to heat cold internally. I do know
    that you UK chaps use 220 ac, but don't know the
    wiring there... if it's 14/2 then suspect there's
    not more than 7 or 8 amps available per outlet (breaker)

    If that's the case, then the heating element if in fact
    there is one couldn't be very large; would take
    virtually forever to heat ground temperature water
    to even lukewarm...

    Take care.


  4. I suspect the advice already given is correct, filling with HOT water
    on a Cold or Cool wash would be a bit daft, as stated it can not cool
    water....but some machines do mix both on inital fill.

    For Ken,

    LOTS if not ALL UK automatic washers heat water, no idea about wire
    size but UK domestic sockets can and will supply up to approx 13Amps
    and most washers haveheaters rated at about 2 KW, normal cycle time is
    fairly quick as well.
  5. ivan

    ivan Guest

    There does appear to be some confusion across the pond about the electricity
    supply used in the UK, here's a URL that may help throw a little bit of
    light on the subject.
  6. Ken Weitzel

    Ken Weitzel Guest

    ivan wrote:

    Hi Ivan...

    Thanks for that; interesting reading. I guess the
    confusion is understandable - what you do is
    very different than what we do out here in the
    colonies :)

    I wish I knew a url to pass on to you so that you could
    see how ours is done - given that I don't feel free to
    ask anything you wish...

    Take care.


    PS - you're feeding something you folks call a
    "shower"... if that what we might call an
    (electric) water heater?
  7. Steve 2E0NSP

    Steve 2E0NSP Guest

    Thanks for all your responses ... you've (as always) been very helpful.

    Many Thanks,

    Bristol, UK
  8. Tim Mitchell

    Tim Mitchell Guest

    No, really a shower. The thing you stand under to have a wash. The water
    flow rate can be a bit weedy depending on the power of the heater.
  9. sPoNiX

    sPoNiX Guest

    afaik, all UK front loading washing machines have a heating element.

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