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Are these voltages good or bad ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Skybuck Flying, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. Hello,

    Skybuck's Dream PC, Third Build, Frooze and these were the voltages when it

    Are these voltages levels good or bad ?:

    Somebody recommended PC Power & Cooling power supply... that company has
    been bought and is now called: OCZ.

    So I am looking into a new power supply... possibly with modular cable
    system to get rid of some cables ;)

    First I would like your oppinions on these voltages levels... how do they
    look to you ? ;)

    I shall also try to investigate some specifications.... I don't know much
    about all that stuff :)

  2. For those that can't see the picture, the voltages were:

    System freeze:

    Vcore: 1.39 v
    +3.3: 3.26 v
    +5: 4.89 v
    +12: 11.84 v


  3. Why 99% of Power Supply Reviews Are Wrong:
    I learned to cope with it :)

  4. neon


    Oct 21, 2006
    WELL you may find the same voltage PS. then what are you fixed ok. hell no there is the output current to consider
  5. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Assuming the core voltage is supposed to be 1.4V I see nothing wrong there.

    Have you considered getting an expert to build your PCs ?

  6. For those that can't see the picture, the voltages were:
    The seasonic s12 power supply is probably bad when comparing to the numbers
    in these charts:

    The numbers in the charts look better.. especially when under load...

    Seems like my current power supply has too low voltages...

    I had 3 plugs into one power box extension... I switch one of those power
    plugs to another power box extension... just in case maybe too many high
    power plugs in one power box extension.

    I have two power box extensions running from two wall sockets ;)

  7. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Oh for God's Sake SHUT UP with your stories of complete ineptitude !

    BUY a ready made PC next time. Except you'll probably f**k that up too by
    overclocking it 50%.

    I can build a PC and it works great. You can't. You need to learn something
    from that.

  8. spodosaurus

    spodosaurus Guest

    Even a monkey would be an improvement.

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