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Are there any REALLY good cordless phones out there?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Dana, Jan 18, 2004.

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  1. Dana

    Dana Guest

    I've owned many cordless phones over the years, including some of the
    newest 5.8 ghz and 2.4 ghz phones. Obviously, some work better then
    others. However, I've noticed a failing among ALL of them, maybe
    others have noticed the same.

    When you are more than just a short distance from the base unit, these
    phones all work fine as long as you are not moving, i.e. standing
    still. If you start to move, the signal will begin to break up. I
    have a retail location that necessitates being about 150 to 200 feet
    from the base unit, and all of the newer phones that I've tried do
    this. They are unusable in my situation, because I have to move
    around while talking.

    I have an older Uniden exs9110 that I bought maybe 4-5 years ago, it's
    a 900mhz phone with DSS, it doesn't have this problem. It's the best
    phone I've ever had, it has a very long range, I can walk a block
    away, moving, and it keeps the signal very strong.

    None of the phones I've tried in the last year (and I've tried many)
    will do this, not even the 900 mhz units I've seen.
    The ones that come the closest are the Panasonic units with dual base
    antennas, but they are still way behind performance to the old Uniden.

    I have had other phones in the past besides the Uniden, they were all
    900mhz units, DSS, and they ALL did better than ANY of the newer

    If anyone knows of a current-production unit that will perform as well
    as my old Uniden, I'd really appreciate knowing what it is.

    Please send me mail to:


  2. Bill Crocker

    Bill Crocker Guest

    I have some Siemens 2.4GHz spread-spectrum phones that worked great! I've
    since dumped my land line all togeather. The wife, and I just use our own
    cell phones.

    Bill Crocker
  3. Panasonic makes a phone called the Gigarange series. These are about
    the best I have seen in consumer cordless phones. There are also
    industrial cordless phones that work with a system. These are the
    ones that you see in hospitals, and large department stors for the
    employees to use while they are working.

    The industrial phone systems are very expensive, but very effictive in
    their performance. Consult your local phone company about industrial
    cordless phone systems, or a phone installation company.

    As for the life of these phones, they all fail easily when dropped.
    Many of the users drop them often, thus causing damage. With a lot of
    use, the keypad may also wear out. The higher end phones are
    servicable by the manufacture, but they will charge for this.

    If you are a single user in a small business, you may find it cheaper
    over the long run to use only a cell phone for your business. This
    way, if you are in a good cell phone reception area, you will not have
    this problem.

    If you look at the cost of a very good industrial phone set, verses a
    discent cell phone plan including the cell phone, the cell phone plan
    may work out cheaper for you in the long run, and be more versitile.
    Also, in most places the cell phone would be a good tax write-off as a
    business expense, thus having a more reduced cost.

    If you have a cell phone already, then simply put a call forwarding
    service on your land business line. Then have all the business calls
    forwarded to the cell phone.

    Jerry Greenberg

  4. Jim

    Jim Guest

    I also have the uniden 9110 and I agree it is a very good phone maybe
    the best I've ever had. I am going to look into the panasonic
    gigarange that sounds like a great phone. Won't be long before
    scanners go up to 2.4 gigs and they will move to higher ranges don't
    you think?
  5. Guest

    I have a Panasonic 2.4GHz. It's three years old, so I'm not sure what
    the current model would be. It's from the GigaRange Extreme line.

    I have 2 acres, and I can be anywhere on my property, or even at the
    neighbor's house, without any loss of signal at all.

    My wife has had the same phone in her home office for the same length
    of time, and the signals have only crossed two or three times in those
    three years.

    When the phone dies, I won't hesitate to buy another one.
  6. Mark

    Mark Guest

    Keep the obvious in mind. The higher the frequency, the shorter the distance
    at the same output power. Do you think they are doubling the power of the 5.8
    phones over the 2.4 phones ? Of course not.....
  7. Gary

    Gary Guest

    Being at a electronics repair facility, we see many different items
    including portable phones. Here's my input;

    Keep away from: Bell Series, AT&T, Sony, Vtech (although they have a good

    Best manufacturer: Panasonic
  8. Guest

    Even better: we were at Costco today, and picked up a new Panasonic
    2.4GHz phone (Model KX-TG2382) that includes two extra handsets, each
    with its own charging station. Total package was $150.
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