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Are there any real techs on here that work for a real shop?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jack, Oct 24, 2003.

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  1. Jack

    Jack Guest

    Are there any real techs on here that work for a real shop or own one?
    It seems like there are mostly hobbiest types on here or consumer types
    looking for a quick answer to a complex problem. Stuff like "no picture,
    blown fuse, won't come on...ect..." Can we diverse this group into a real
    tech group so professionals can help each other? I don't have the time to
    teach basic electronics and work professionaly as a TV tech. I would like to
    exchange thoughts, ideas, problems and fixes with other real technicians. Do
    we need to start a new group for this? Most of these consumer or hobbiest
    types think we are all crooks, so why bother with them? I've tried to help
    them but they don't have even enough basic knowlege of electronics to enable
    any understanding of what I'm talking about. It seems to me that the shop
    owner and TV tech is labeled as a thief and a crook by most of these people.
    Well if it were easy, everyone would be able to fix their own TV. So, any
    real techs want to rise up out of this group and soar with the eagles? Let's
    help each other so we can help others and erase the bad complex about us all
    being thieves and crooks!
  2. Dbowey

    Dbowey Guest

    Hey Jack, I see you splattered this crap over several boards. I guess that
    makes you not only a potential thief and crook, but also, a definite dumbass.
    (and as posted elsewhere, a Troll).

  3. Neil

    Neil Guest

    With a attitude like that...your group will die off pretty quickly. Without
    new "stupid" blood, that need knowledgeable people to help them
    along......there will be no one left in the hobby.
    Instead of sitting around as a group bitching about the fact the Radio Shack
    no longer sells components...and that manufacturers no longer sell
    schematics, or make machines that can be fixed instead of throwing out,
    maybe groups like this can help keep the hobby alive.
    Go ahead and make you little group of "skilled professionals"'ll be
    pretty boring....since all of you will be so skilled, no one will need to
    ask any questions...or will you all be on such a high plane of existence
    that you will all be communicating telepathically?.
  4. JURB6006

    JURB6006 Guest

    I dunno what it takes to start a newsgroup, but I've also though about this.
    Strictly advanced troubleshooting. I know this NG is way too busy and there are
    basically a few ways to fix it.

    One way would be for the real techs to use a subject line that we all
    recognize. Another might be to actually start a new NG something like: Give the people about 5 levels to go
    through. Of course any of us could come back here, offer up anything we have
    the time for for the novice, or even the consumer. We could also weed out the
    real techs and tell them about the special header or the other NG.

    A few people in here do spend some time telling people to forget about fixing
    it themselves, I among them. I was also thinking about a website with
    information on how to get into the service menu on newer sets, but the people
    around here pretty much talked me out of it. Nobody wants to fight the
    circuitry and then find that their conclusions were wrong because somebody
    screwed up the settings.

    Now if we could protect such a site, even by just having a wierd URL and not
    registering it with Google etc., no metanames, none of that, we might be safe.
    When I posted that idea, someone suggested that I might even get sued, not by a
    manufacturer, but by a customer that screwed his TV up ! In today's day and age
    it is possible. Too bad I don't drink McDonalds coffee or I might be a
    milionaire !

    As a tech, you know what you changed and what it affects, ergo you know what
    settings to modify, but to order a sevice manual just for that is not cost
    effective unless you see alot of that unit. We troubleshoot by getting the
    pinout of the ICs etc., and have at it. A saw my first Advent TV and couldn't
    for the life of me get the pinout of the chopper IC, then I found out at the
    time the website wasn't well protected and just anyone could DL the print.
    Unfortunately they have fixed that. Why ? If the customer has a look at a print
    for a modern set he is almost sure to take it into a shop for service.

    As for your question, yes, I am a real tech who works for a real shop. I would
    love not to have my posts six pages down in two days. How about : ? We would just have
    to tell each other about it.

  5. Nate Smith

    Nate Smith Guest

    You know, electronics is a profession for few and a hobby for many...
    sometimes we do have to ask what others see as a stupid question.
    Life is a quest for knowledge, it would appear that Jack here is too
    selfish to share the TINY amount of knowledge that he may possess...
    Get a freaking life... If you don't have the time to deal with
    non-professional questions, don't answer them... Quit the Pissing and

  6. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    There's lots of "real" techs on here, your attitude doesn't exactly inspire
    confidence from the hobbiests though.
  7. Chris

    Chris Guest

    I don't know of anybody that was born with this kind of technical knowledge
    or experience. The only way to get to the level you're talking of is to ask
    stupid questions and make stupid mistakes. Any tech who says that they were
    never like this is a liar.
    I don't mind answering questions regardless of how stupid. I do get fed up
    with the attitude of those that believe that all that is needed is a
    soldering iron. These are usually the ones that complain the most because
    they don't believe that troubleshooting is a skill and that an understanding
    of electronics is a necessity. There are quite a few people like that on
    this group and I won't help them. I figure that letting them screw it up
    more will require them to bring it in for service where the real tech will
    ultimately ask what creature has been brandishing a blowtorch against the
    boards or who has been demonstrating their knowledge of the deadly short
    circuit technique. It's quite an awakening for them when they find that
    their technical skills has tripled the cost of the repair. But there are
    those that never learn.....
    This forum is fine. I have little problems with it. And I enjoy helping
    those who respect the trade and are interested, even as a hobbiest.
  8. You might try the Techassist or Anatek listserves if you want to avoid the
    consumer questions. You will still find a lot of dumb posts, but none from
    consumers and hobbiests. There are hundreds of techs that work together to
    solve problems and share information daily. With your attitude you will be
    a prime candidate for my delete file, however.

    By the way, the rep that our profession has for crooks and thieves is well
    deserved. There are relatively few techs that I know who would make the cut
    in my shop in terms of ethics or ability, and few shops that I would
    recommend. You make this better by being open and honest with consumers and
    giving them good advice, not avoiding them. One of the things that makes a
    good tech IMO is the ability to relate positively with even the most stupid,
    arrogant, or demanding consumers and make them into loyal customers by
    giving them a good value in service.

    Leonard Caillouet
  9. Mark

    Mark Guest

    Your apparent definition of "real techs" is myopic and

    The truth as I perceive it to be.
    Your perception may be different.

    Triple Z is spam control.
  10. Fred

    Fred Guest

    ya know, one day I hope I meet you looking for directions in a foregin
    country, I'll just tell you to ask a travel agent, make sure you take your
    AMEX card with you
  11. Ken G.

    Ken G. Guest

    Hay Jack my tv blows a fuse . i got a box of fuses and it blew all 6 of
    them so i put a nail in the fuse holder and it started smoking and now
    there there is no picture . Whats wrong ? i am a profeshunal tv
    teknishun .
  12. Wrong type nail. :)

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  13. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    I don't think there is any need for a new group or forum. There are
    enough professional technicians participating in this group to make it
    worthwhile as it is. However, I do sympathize with you to some extent,
    especially when one sees posts from people who are obviously out of
    their depth. I think the best approach for these newcomers is to
    direct them to the Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ, with appropriate
    disclaimers, warnings, etc, etc. In my own case I've posted basic
    (possibly ignorant?) questions to other newsgroups and have generally
    been treated kindly by the knowledgeable regulars.

    - Franc Zabkar
  14. warren weber

    warren weber Guest

    Ken>>> Haven't you learned any thing yet? You use a COATED nail. They have
    higher resistance and act as a variac so you can trouble shoot with out
    smoke. Warren
  15. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Sounds like you got a bad batch of fuses. They're all shorted. Go to the
    fuse mfgr and tell them that their crappy shorted fuses destroyed your tv
    and that you want them to replace the tv because the fuses shorted it out.
    It must be the fuse because the nail doesn't blow out.
  16. CPT

    CPT Guest

    I agree with chris i had some bad fuses that would only alow current
    to flow through them if i wrapped foil around them so I think you have
    something to go on. I never tried a nail sounds like a good idea
  17. Dave Moore

    Dave Moore Guest

  18. "real techs want to rise up out of this group and soar with the
    Let's help each other so we can help others ...."

    That sounds like a really good idea - Anybody upto creating a new
    group, or may be even a paid-subscription only group ? Filled with
    service resources, electronics service manuals, tech tips, etc. ???

    'nControl!® Service Management Software
  19. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    "'nControl!? Service Software -"
    Well there's some groups on yahoogroups, I haven't checked them out yet, but
    it'd be easy enough to boot out anyone who shouldn't be there.
  20. There are already quite a few out there.

    Try Techassist or Anatek for a couple of listserves that are more useful.

    Leonard Caillouet

    "'nControl!? Service Software -"
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