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Are there any fast simulation tools?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by ddznq, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. ddznq

    ddznq Guest

    I am using MATLAB to do some simulation work on MIMO-OFDM. But to get
    simulation results from my computer, I almost have to wait for a whole
    day. This bother me a lot. I wonder if anybody has other faster
    simulation methods. Thanks alot.
  2. Guest

    Its better to use a P4 PC with 512MB of SDRAM for faster simulations,
    if you don't have this configuration uninstall all unnecessary
    programs, don't run any other programs or softwares when you'r using
    MATLAB, this will improve the speed of simulation.

    Finally if you'r still in this problem, please verify the Code or
    Simulink blocks you have constructed.

  3. Guest

    1) Try unix
    2) Buy the worst cpu & ram you can afford
    3) Write the application in C
    4) Utilise a computeing cluster
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